Category: Fire Sprinkler Inspection


As a property manager, you are responsible for ensuring that your commercial building is up to code with the proper fire sprinkler system. At Aura Fire Safety, our team of technicians understands the regulations San Francisco requires for a commercial fire sprinkler system installation. Fire safety is a top priority ... Read More


Homes are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. They're equipped with heating systems, insulation for the cold weather, and air conditioning when it gets hot outside. Yet, there is one thing that homes ... Read More


Property managers for apartment buildings have the important task of ensuring that the fire sprinkler systems are working correctly. Scheduling regular fire sprinkler inspections is advised to ensure the safety of the apartment buildings and ... Read More


Maintaining a commercial building's fire sprinkler system is an important responsibility that every property manager faces. At Aura Fire Safety, we work closely with property managers in San Francisco to ensure fire sprinklers are up to date. ... Read More


Fall is just around the corner, and schools will be back in session. It is the perfect time to schedule your fire sprinkler inspection in San Francisco with Aura Fire Safety. As building managers, you are ... Read More


As property managers for shopping malls, we understand your primary concern is guaranteeing that the mall is up-to-code to remain operational. The local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) and property insurance companies require that all shopping malls ... Read More


At Aura Fire Safety, we work closely with homeowners to ensure the fire sprinkler systems have the necessary components to keep the premises safe and code compliant. As a homeowner, if you ... Read More


Being a property manager is an enormous undertaking. You are responsible for the property and must stay up-to-date with annual fire inspections and the latest ordinances. All equipment and protocols must be in place in ... Read More
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