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large commercial building

Industrial Building Completes a Complex Multi-phase Renovation

This 37,000 square feet property was undergoing a renovation from the ground up. The two-levels building needed the design of as-built plans and the installation of a full fire sprinkler system that was tied into an existing system which was located in another area. The work would be completed at different times for different building levels – this required careful coordination with all subcontractors. Aura Fire safety team was successful in separating the fire department inspections so that the other subs could complete their jobs on time. This allowed the property owners to move forward with their tenant plans.

hotel san francisco fire protection

A Hotel Obtains Fire Sprinkler Title 19 Certification within 24 hours

The maintenance engineer for a 60-rooms Fisherman’s Wharf hotel in San Francisco needed prompt annual fire sprinklers and fire alarm certifications for his insurance. Within 24 hours Aura Fire Safety tested the systems, corrected minor system discrepancies per NFPA requirements and issued satisfactory test reports to a than happy manager.

homes protected from fire by high quality fire alarm system

Residential Fire Sprinkler solution helped save the backyard while staying true to fire code compliance

This was an unusual project that demonstrated the value and benefit of putting in a new fire sprinkler system instead of building a firewall. Aura Fire team worked closely with the homeowner and architect Kyle Brunel in designing an alternative method of fire safety compliance. And it worked! With a Variance and an Alternative Method of Compliance, different agencies came together: the building department, fire safety, and city planning. It was a significant endeavor to cut into the main road and put in an underground fire line with two backflow prevention devices; then connect everything into a code-compliant and visually appealing fire sprinkler system that ultimately created a safer home for three families.

Here is what Kyle Brunel says:

Aura Fire did what they said they were going to do. They delivered a great solution for us and they didn’t hit us with change orders as they handled the evolving design, paperwork, and permits. With Aura Fire, we were thinking outside the box. No longer did we have to build a firewall that would block the natural light and views for our next door neighbors and we did not require a large emergency-exit staircase that would have take up most of our backyard. Now our children can play in the backyard and I am growing blueberry bushes. I would definitely work with Aura Fire again.

~ Kyle Brunel, homeowner, and architect, Pencil Box Architects, Inc.

reliable commercial fire protection san francisco for apartment buildings with child tenants

A San Francisco School Meets Every Fire Safety Requirement

A Mission district school was in a tight pinch to install a new kitchen hood and a full fire suppression system while also getting all Life Fire Safety inspections in compliance. Scheduling was paramount, over Christmas break while the students and staff were away, we obtained all permits completed the kitchen hood system installation and also tested and certified the fire sprinkler system, fire alarm, fire extinguishers and the emergency lighting. By the time the school reopened after the holidays they were in total Life Fire Safety compliance. They have been in compliance ever since because Aura Fire now conducts their quarterly and annual certifications like clockwork. No city non-compliance notices on our watch!

condominiums safe from fire with commercial fire sprinkler installation services

Homeowners Association (HOA) leader discovers unexpected personal attention

A condominium building in SOMA district of San Francisco needed a full-spectrum testing performed for fire sprinklers, fire alarm, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting. A Yelp review from their HOA leader describes the outcome: ‘Amazing company, the first company I have found to actually focus on the customer vs “the way the industry is” – I am a new HOA leader and found them very professional to work with. A breath of fresh air in an old fashioned industry in my view.’ ~ James T.

relaible restaurant fire protection san francisco to ensure customers are safe

Oakland restaurant opens on time.

A small business owner wanted to open a new restaurant in Oakland by Holiday season. But he was overwhelmed by fire department permit requirements. Aura Fire Safety Inc quickly obtained a fire protection permit and installed a new kitchen fire suppression system per requirements of manufacturer, NFPA and local authority having jurisdiction. A happy owner opened his doors right in time for the Holiday season.

nike store with quality commercial fire sprinkler system

Fire Alarm System up to Code in a new Nike Store in SF

The contractor on the project was on a tight timeline to relocate a dozen of fire alarm devices at this store. Grand opening was days away. Aura Fire Safety came in right away and seamlessly interfaced between the fire alarm monitoring company and our electrical team. The store opened its doors on time to happy customers.

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