Fire Sprinkler Installation

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation
  • Warehouses
  • Storage and Manufacturing
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Technology industry
  • Parking garages
  • Dental offices
  • Legal offices
  • Churches
  • Schools

Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

Are you are a commercial developer, property owner or a contractor working on a new project?

Aura Fire Safety provides fire sprinkler design and installation for all types of commercial projects. The esteemed building department officials refer clients to us on a regular basis because we understand the permitting process and we know how to fastrack projects to completion.

Our general contractor on staff will personally answer your calls because we know you need a rapid response and a solid team to get your job done right. From the simple project to the more complex we provide outstanding care for your architectural and project management teams. We ensure installation flexibility around other contractors working in your building. This keeps scheduling moving in a forward motion, just what managers need to have for a successful project.

Commercial fire sprinkler installation requires experience and knowledge and Aura Fire brings both to the table. We specialize in all types of commercial buildings.

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Industrial Building Completes a Complex Multi-phase Renovation

This 37,000 square feet property was undergoing a renovation from the ground up when they reached out to Aura Fire. The two-levels building needed the design of as-built plans and the installation of a full fire sprinkler system that was tied into an existing system which was located in another area. The work would be completed at different times for different building levels – this required careful coordination with all subcontractors. Aura Fire safety team was successful in separating the fire department inspections so that the other subs could complete their jobs on time. This allowed the property owners to move forward with their tenant plans.

Do you have fire sprinkler monitoring at your property?

Knowing when your fire sprinkler system activates is essential in mitigating damage to your property. Aura Fire Safety provides proven, economical monitoring solutions for fire suppression systems for properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Through monitoring the water flow and the valves we can notify both you and the local fire department rapidly in the event your fire sprinkler system is activated. By providing timely notifications to you and the local authorities, we can help minimize the damage both fire and water can have on your property.

We will also regularly test, inspect, and repair alarm equipment attached to your fire sprinkler systems, verifying that all components are in optimal condition. 

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