Service for Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

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Need Service for Emergency Lights and Exit Signs?

If you manage or own a property, a power failure or loss of light can be dangerous for your employees, tenants or customers. Even momentary panic or confusion can result in personal injury or property damage.
Our 90 minute emergency lighting inspection goes beyond the “button test.” This is important to verify whether all devises are in proper working condition and meet OSHA and Life Safety Code requirement.

Annual Inspection will Ensure Your Emergency and Exit Lights are:

  • Guaranteed to work in an emergency
  • Safe, easily identifiable evacuation routes
  • Minimal downtime/loss of productivity
  • Comprehensive inspections and testing

Need to Replace or Install New Emergency Lighting?

If you are managing a construction project, Aura Fire Safety will ensure all your emergency lighting and exit signs meet OSHA and Life Safety Code requirement.
Our specialists will repair, replace or install new devises per project requirements. You can be confident that if the lights go out, your lighting and exit signs will lead everyone safely out of the building.

Contact us today for a free estimate. Aura Fire Specialist will perform a no-obligation assessment of your facility and provide expert solutions to meet your fire safety needs.

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