Fire Protection Services in San Francisco

At Aura Fire Safety, we offer a variety of fire protection services. With several years’ experience in protecting homes, businesses, and restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are able to identify risk factors, upgrade your fire protection equipment or maintain your current fire protection equipment.

Best Fire Protection Services in San Francisco

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers are the most essential component of a fire protection system. When a fire erupts, there is little time to react – luckily, your fire sprinkler system will act immediately after it is initiated by the raising temperature in your building. Make sure your sprinkler system is updated to current compliance standards to protect your building from fire and legal repercussion.

Kitchen Fire Systems

With all of the great restaurants in San Francisco, there are bound to be a couple of accidents or operator errors. Accidents produce a number of unintended consequences – including fires. With the amount of grease and cooking/cleaning products in your kitchen, a fire will literally burn your kitchen to the ground. You can prevent kitchen fires by updating your kitchen hood and commercial fire protection equipment.

Fire Extinguishers

Is your fire extinguisher up to date? It is legally required for business owners and home owners to annually certify their fire extinguishers. An outdated extinguisher can lead to several problems, including malfunctioning during an emergency. San Francisco is a hot spot for kitchen fires and commercial fires. Don’t get caught unprepared.

Emergency Lighting

Emergencies cause problems for business owners: Fires and natural disasters can leave you in the dark when they destroy your source of electricity. San Francisco has had a number of earthquakes, and as a result, a number of fires. Make sure that your business’ emergency lighting system is installed properly so your employee can safely navigate and evacuate your building.

Fire Pumps

Fire pumps deliver water to your sprinkler heads. Without a fire pump, your sprinkler system is useless. If you do not know how to check your fire pump or do not check it frequently, then you’re at an extreme risk of suffering fire damage. This is because you think you are protected via sprinkler system, when in reality, your sprinklers are nothing more than aesthetic ceiling decor.


Without light, you cannot perform your best. If you need electrical lighting repair we can help. Electrical fires are often the result of ignorance in regard to your current electrical system. We can service, install, design and maintain your electrical system. We strongly advise that you do not attempt to perform electrical repairs yourself – call one of our experienced electricians today.

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