San Francisco Fire Pump Maintenance

The fire pump is a critical piece of a building’s fire sprinkler system especially in San Francisco. Fire pumps deliver water to the sprinkler heads in the event of a fire. NFPA and local fire departments require diesel and electric fire pumps to be run and maintained with records kept. This means fire pump testing and maintenance.
The San Francisco Bay Area regulatory requirements for fire pumps are:

  • Weekly pump runs
  • Annual certifications
  • Five year certifications

San Francisco Fire Pump Maintenance

If a fire pump is not maintained and serviced properly, the repair bills can be astronomical. Since fire pumps are typically kept out of the way and (hopefully) are not used very often, fire pump maintenance is extremely important to making sure the pumps will react the way they are supposed to should any type of blaze ever occur.
Aura Fire Safety can test your fire pump and ensure it functions properly. Our San Francisco team of fire specialists have decades upon decades of experience to offer you ranging from fire sprinklers to fire pump knowledge and everything between.

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