Fire Sprinklers Inspection

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Need a Fire Sprinklers Inspection?

If you manage or own a property, fire sprinkler system can make the difference between a catastrophic fire and a minor incident — but only if it is operational.
We ensure that your system is working and that you are in compliance with requirements of manufacturer, NFPA and local authority having jurisdiction. You will receive a certification upon successful inspection.

We perform the following Title 19 inspections per California Code of regulations:

  • 5 year certification
  • Annual sprinklers inspection
  • Quarterly sprinklers inspection
  • Wet and dry standpipe systems
  • Standpipe and hose cabinets
  • Fire pumps testing

NFPA 25 – National Standard for Inspection and Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Inspection of Wet, Dry, Pre-action and Deluge systems.
  • Repair of all systems.
  • Complete testing of Fire Pumps.
  • Full flow tests.
  • Repair and maintenance of Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps.
  • Full Wet Trip Tests of Dry Pipe Valves as required.
  • Exercise and Lube of all OS and Y Valves.
  • Testing of all Flow, Tamper and Pressure Switches.
  • Visual inspection of Sprinkler Systems.
  • Static and Residual Main Drain Readings Recorded.

Repair * Design * Installation

If you are managing a construction or a remodeling project, Aura Fire Safety Inc will ensure all your fire sprinkler system meets all Life Safety Code requirements per manufacturer, NFPA and local authority having jurisdiction.
We will help you through the process. From start to finish, we design and install systems in condominiums, schools, offices and warehouses. If you need repair work, from replacing recalled sprinkler heads to fixing leaking valves we provide quick and efficient service.
Contact us today to have an Aura Fire Safety specialist perform a no-obligation assessment of your facility.

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