Fire Sprinkler Inspections


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Title 19 Inspections We Perform:

  • 5 year certification
  • Annual sprinklers inspection
  • Quarterly sprinklers inspection
  • Wet and dry standpipe systems
  • Standpipe and hose cabinets
  • Fire pumps testing

When it comes to your building’s safety, regular fire sprinkler system inspections are a crucial aspect that should never be overlooked. As such, fire sprinkler system inspections ensure they’re always in prime condition, significantly mitigating potential risks.

A fire sprinkler system is an active fire protection method, providing adequate water pressure and flow rate to the distribution piping system, releasing water to suppress the fire. To ensure optimal operation, the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) implements routine fire sprinkler system inspections. 

The process involves a visual inspection, water flow tests, and checks of fire pumps and control valves. As a reputable fire safety service provider, Aura Fire Safety closely aligns with these SFFD procedures, ensuring your systems are always up to the mark.

Inspection Frequency and Compliance

California and San Francisco have some of the most stringent fire safety regulations nationwide. They have adopted comprehensive codes, like the California Fire Code, Title 24, Part 9, which mandates standards for fire prevention, protection, building construction, and materials used in the built environment to safeguard life and property from fires and related hazards. 

The National Fire Protection Association’s standard 25 (NFPA 25) governs water-based fire protection systems’ inspection, testing, and maintenance, including sprinklers and fire pumps. Compliance with NFPA 25 is essential to ensure these systems perform as intended when a fire occurs. This includes a variety of routine procedures, such as quarterly inspections of alarm devices, annual inspection and testing of control valves, and five-year internal inspection of sprinkler piping.

When Was Your Last 5 Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection?

If you manage or own a property in San Francisco, a fire sprinkler system can distinguish between a catastrophic fire and a minor incident — but only if the system is operational. We ensure that your fire sprinkler system is working and is up to code in San Francisco.

The California State Fire Marshal mandates the Quarterly, Annual, and Five (5) Year Inspections in accordance with California Title 19: Public Safety. Aura Fire Safety’s highly trained technicians will conduct your inspection, and if no corrections are required, you will receive a compliance certification for your records in San Francisco.

Consequences of Non-compliance

Non-compliance can lead to severe consequences, including hefty fines, insurance complications, and, most importantly, the risk of failing systems when a fire occurs. At Aura Fire Safety, we ensure your systems are always compliant, saving you from potential penalties and dangers.

SFFD Inspection Schedule and Process

To ensure your property’s and its occupants’ safety, adherence to the San Francisco Fire Department’s (SFFD) inspection schedule and process is a must. The procedure is stringent, detailed and mandates strict compliance.

Scheduling the Inspection: Depending on the type of property and fire system in place, the SFFD schedules an appointment. Properties with fire alarm systems and sprinklers are typically subject to annual inspections.

Conducting the Inspection: A SFFD representative, usually a fire inspector, conducts a thorough on-site examination of the premises at the scheduled time. The review encompasses all aspects of fire protection measures – from physical systems such as fire alarms, sprinklers, and extinguishers, to operational aspects like escape plans and evacuation procedures.

Post-Inspection Reporting: After the inspection, the SFFD provides a comprehensive report outlining any violations or areas of non-compliance that need to be addressed, specifying a timeline for corrections.

Follow-up Inspections: A subsequent inspection occurs to verify that all issues have been appropriately addressed within the specified timeline.

At Aura Fire Safety, we fully understand the importance of these inspections and the rigor they entail. We ensure your property meets all regulations and codes and that your systems comply with all requirements, alleviating your worries about fines or failures. 

Inspection Components

What Does a 5 Year Fire Sprinkler Inspection Include?

NFPA 25 – National Standard for Inspection and Testing of Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Inspection of Wet, Dry, Pre-action, and Deluge systems
  • Full flow tests
  • Repair of all systems
  • Complete testing of Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps
  • Repair and maintenance of Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps
  • Full Wet Trip Tests of Dry Pipe Valves as required
  • Exercise and Lube of all OS and Y Valves
  • Testing of all Flow, Tamper, and Pressure Switches
  • Visual inspection of Sprinkler Systems
  • Static and Residual Main Drain Readings Recorded

A meticulous inspection is the cornerstone of maintaining an efficient fire sprinkler system. At Aura Fire Safety, we conduct detailed assessments of your fire sprinkler system’s various components to ensure it is in optimal condition and ready to respond when needed.

Visual Inspection

Our visual inspection process is comprehensive and thorough, covering every element of your fire sprinkler system. We test all the sprinkler head’s parts and piping for signs of damage, corrosion, or obstruction. This step is crucial as even minor defects can severely impair the system’s functionality, potentially leading to a catastrophic failure during a fire event.

Water Flow Tests

Water flow tests form an integral part of our inspection routine. These tests assess whether the system can deliver the required amount of water under pressure – a critical factor in effective fire suppression. Insufficient water flow can render a sprinkler system ineffective, making regular testing imperative for maintaining a reliable fire defense mechanism.

Inspection of Fire Pumps and Control Valves

Fire pumps and control valves are critical in a fire sprinkler system. They control the water flow and pressure in the event of a fire. At Aura Fire Safety, we perform meticulous inspections of these components to ensure they are operational and will function as expected during a fire, reinforcing your building’s fire safety.

Inspection of Backflow Preventers and Fire Department Connections

Backflow preventers and fire department connections are critical elements of a fully integrated fire sprinkler system. Our team checks these components to ensure your equipment is ready to respond in an emergency, preventing water supply contamination.

Common Issues Found During Inspections

Experience has taught us that certain issues frequently occur during fire sprinkler system inspections. We pay special attention to these common problems, ensuring they are identified and rectified promptly.

Leaking Sprinkler Heads

Leaking sprinkler heads can drastically reduce the effectiveness of a fire sprinkler system and may also cause water damage to your property. Our technicians are trained to detect and address this issue, ensuring your sprinkler heads are in perfect working condition.

Obstructed Sprinkler Heads

An obstructed sprinkler head can hinder the adequate distribution of water during a fire event. We inspect for any obstructions, such as accumulated dust or paint, and take necessary actions to clear these blockages, ensuring optimal water flow.

Damaged Piping and Fittings

Damaged piping and fittings can compromise the integrity of your fire sprinkler system, potentially causing leaks or preventing water flow. Our inspection process includes a thorough examination of all pipes and fittings, and we undertake necessary repairs or replacements.

Non-functioning Fire Pumps and Control Valves

Non-functioning fire pumps and control valves can cause a system-wide failure. Aura Fire Safety’s inspectors pay special attention to these components, conducting thorough checks and tests to ensure proper functioning.

Rectifying Issues

Identifying issues is just the first step; timely rectification is equally critical. At Aura Fire Safety, we prioritize both these aspects to ensure your fire sprinkler system remains in optimal condition.

Immediate Fixes for Critical Issues

Critical issues demand immediate fixes. Whether it’s a leaking sprinkler head or a malfunctioning fire pump, we take swift action to repair or replace faulty components, minimizing any downtime and ensuring your system is always ready to protect.

Schedule for Repairing Non-critical Issues

Non-critical issues, while not immediately dangerous, can escalate over time if left unaddressed. Building owners and managers play a crucial role in maintaining fire safety. Their proactive approach towards timely repairs and maintenance can make a significant difference in ensuring the efficiency of the fire sprinkler system.

Hiring Inspectors

Choosing a competent and experienced inspector is critical to maintaining an effective fire sprinkler system. Here’s what you need to know.

Qualifications for Fire Sprinkler System Inspectors

Fire sprinkler system inspectors hold a position of responsibility and must meet several stringent qualifications to perform their duties effectively. Aura Fire Safety inspectors are more than qualified, boasting experience, expertise, and a profound understanding of local fire codes and regulations. Here are the specific qualifications our inspectors meet:

Industry Training and Certification: Our inspectors have undergone rigorous fire protection and safety training, earning recognized industry certifications. This specialized training equips them to understand and assess all fire sprinkler systems.

Knowledge of Fire Codes and Regulations: Aura Fire Safety inspectors are well-versed in local, state, and national fire safety codes, including NFPA 25 and Title 24, Part 9 of the California Fire Code. This knowledge is essential to ensure fire sprinkler systems are compliant and optimally protective.

Experience: Experience is a critical qualification for fire sprinkler system inspectors. Our inspectors bring substantial on-the-job experience to each inspection, allowing them to spot potential issues and effectively recommend corrective actions.

Continuous Education: Given the evolving nature of fire safety technology and regulations, our inspectors engage in continuous education to stay current with the latest developments and best practices in fire safety.

Professionalism and Attention to Detail: At Aura Fire Safety, we value professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Our inspectors are committed to providing comprehensive, accurate inspections and clear, concise reporting to ensure clients understand any issues and recommended solutions.

By choosing Aura Fire Safety, you can be assured that your fire sprinkler system inspection will be conducted by highly qualified professionals who prioritize safety and compliance above all else.

SFFD’s Approved List of Inspectors

It’s advisable to choose an inspector from the SFFD’s approved list. Aura Fire Safety is proud to be a trusted and approved service provider, ensuring compliance with all the regulations and standards set by the SFFD.

Choosing a reputable inspector is crucial. Consider their qualifications, experience, and reputation in the industry. At Aura Fire Safety, our long-standing relationships with clients bear testimony to our integrity and commitment to excellence.

Inspection Costs

Understanding the costs associated with fire sprinkler system inspections can help you plan and budget effectively.

Average Cost of Inspections in San Francisco

On average, fire safety inspections in San Francisco can range from $200 for smaller residential properties to up to $500 or more for larger commercial buildings. These figures are merely averages, and actual costs can deviate based on the factors mentioned earlier.

At Aura Fire Safety, transparency is one of our core values. We believe in providing our clients with transparent, upfront pricing. We assess your needs and provide a comprehensive quotation with no hidden costs. This approach ensures that you are well aware of the potential investment before any work commences, allowing for accurate budgeting and peace of mind.

Factors That Influence Inspection Costs

Several factors can influence inspection costs, including the size and complexity of your fire sprinkler system, any issues that need rectification, and the frequency of inspections. We ensure our services are competitively priced without compromising on the quality of service.

Comparison of Inspection Costs with Potential Damages Caused by Fire Incidents

While inspection costs are an investment, they are negligible compared to the potential hazards that fire incidents can cause. Regular inspections and maintenance can save you substantial costs in the long run by preventing system failures and resultant damages.

Compliance with Fire Safety Regulations

Adherence to fire safety regulations is a legal requirement and a responsibility toward your property and its occupants.

Importance of Complying with Regulations

Compliance with fire safety regulations ensures your property’s and its occupants’ safety. Aura Fire Safety ensures your systems are always compliant, saving you from potential penalties and dangers.

The San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) plays a pivotal role in enforcing fire safety regulations. They conduct random audits and can levy hefty fines for non-compliance. Aura Fire Safety ensures that your fire sprinkler system adheres to all the SFFD’s guidelines, providing peace of mind.

Impact of Compliance on Insurance Rates

Compliance with fire safety regulations can also positively impact your insurance rates. Insurance companies often offer lower premiums to properties with well-maintained and compliant fire sprinkler systems. By choosing Aura Fire Safety, you could potentially save on your insurance costs while securing the safety of your building.

Trends in Fire Sprinkler Systems

The fire safety industry, like many others, is rapidly evolving. Here’s a look at some of the latest trends in fire sprinkler systems.

Advancements in Fire Sprinkler Technology

Technological advancements have led to the development of more efficient and reliable fire sprinkler systems. Smart systems offering real-time monitoring and alerts are becoming increasingly common, allowing quicker response times and enhanced safety.

Aura Fire Safety is at the forefront of these advancements, offering state-of-the-art fire sprinkler systems incorporating the latest technology. Our smart systems provide real-time data, enabling you to monitor your system’s health and receive instant alerts in case of any issues.

Potential Impact on Inspection Processes

These advancements also influence inspection processes, enabling more efficient and accurate inspections. Our expert inspectors leverage these technological developments to deliver comprehensive and precise inspection services.

Benefits of Regular Inspections

Regular inspections offer numerous benefits, from improved system performance to enhanced safety and cost savings.

Early Detection of Issues

Regular inspections allow for the early detection of any potential issues. This proactive approach can prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems, ensuring your fire sprinkler system remains in optimal condition.

Improved System Performance

By identifying and rectifying issues promptly, regular inspections contribute to improved system performance. A well-maintained fire sprinkler system is more reliable and efficient, providing better protection against fire incidents.

Enhanced Public Safety

Regular inspections play a crucial role in enhancing public safety. By ensuring your fire sprinkler system is functioning correctly, you are protecting not only your building’s occupants but also the wider community.

Cost Savings in the Long Run

While inspections involve an upfront cost, they can result in substantial cost savings in the long run. Regular maintenance helps prevent system failures that could lead to costly repairs or replacements, not to mention the potential damages from fire incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about fire sprinkler inspections.

What Happens During a Fire Sprinkler System Inspection?

During an inspection, our technicians examine all components of your fire sprinkler system, including sprinkler heads, piping, control valves, and fire pumps. They conduct visual inspections and functional tests to ensure everything is in optimal condition.

How Often Should Fire Sprinkler Systems Be Inspected?

The frequency of inspections can vary depending on local regulations and the type of system you have. Generally, inspections should be conducted at least annually, but certain components may require more frequent checks.

What are the Consequences of Non-Compliance with Inspection Regulations?

Non-compliance with inspection regulations can result in penalties from the fire department, including fines. It can also lead to higher insurance premiums and potentially compromise the safety of your building and its occupants.

Can Building Owners Conduct Their Own Inspections?

While building owners can conduct basic checks, a professional inspection is essential to ensure the system operates correctly and complies with all relevant regulations. Aura Fire Safety’s certified technicians have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide a comprehensive inspection that meets and exceeds regulatory standards.

How do I know if my fire sprinkler system is up to code?

Determining if your fire sprinkler system is up to code can be complex due to the intricate nature of fire safety regulations. Aura Fire Safety can help. Our expert technicians are well-versed in the latest codes and regulations, ensuring that your system is compliant. We provide detailed reports post-inspection, highlighting any areas that require attention.

How much do fire sprinkler system inspections cost?

The cost of fire sprinkler system inspections varies, depending on the size and complexity of your system. At Aura Fire Safety, we believe in transparency and provide a clear cost breakdown prior to commencing any work. While there is an upfront cost, regular inspections can save you substantial amounts in the long run by preventing system failures and potential fire damage.

What are the benefits of regular inspections?

Regular inspections of your fire sprinkler system have myriad benefits. They ensure early detection of potential issues, improve overall system performance, enhance public safety, and can result in long-term cost savings. By choosing Aura Fire Safety for your regular inspections, you’re choosing peace of mind.


Ensuring regular fire sprinkler inspection of your systems is a critical responsibility for property owners in California and San Francisco, mandated by stringent local and state fire safety regulations. With Aura Fire Safety, you can have confidence in your fire sprinkler system’s compliance, performance, and safety.

Aura Fire Safety is dedicated to providing top-tier inspection services in the San Francisco Bay Area, ensuring your fire sprinkler systems function optimally and in line with all regulations. We leverage our 25 years of industry experience to deliver unparalleled service to our clients, going above and beyond to ensure their safety and satisfaction.

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