As your Aura of Protection, our company’s culture revolves around a proactive attitude toward fire safety, emphasizing the critical role that a reliable fire sprinkler system plays in protecting lives and property. We believe in cultivating a safer future where fire sprinkler systems are not an afterthought but a cornerstone in every building’s design.

Whether it’s a meticulous installation, routine inspection, or urgent repair of sprinkler fire systems, our technically proficient team is ready to deliver prompt and efficient service. At Aura Fire Safety, your protection is our priority, and we remain steadfast in our mission to provide top-tier fire sprinkler solutions tailored to meet the particular needs of our clients throughout the industry, offering unparalleled fire sprinkler solutions to the bustling communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. With a resounding commitment and passion that has spanned the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aura Fire Safety, Your Fire Sprinkler Systems

At Aura Fire Safety, we stand as a leading fire sprinkler contractor provider in the fire safety industry for over twenty-five years. Our family-operated business is anchored deeply in principles of integrity and a relentless pursuit to safeguard our neighborhoods from the ravages of fire.

With extensive experience in fire sprinkler systems, we ensure that every residential and commercial client receives the highest quality fire safety measures. Our certified technicians are not only veterans in the field with substantive expertise in fire sprinkler technology but also fervently determined to uphold the public’s safety against potential fire hazards.

Sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge with the San Francisco skyline in the background, symbolizing the city's commitment to safety and maintenance, much like the importance of an annual fire sprinkler system inspection.

Our Tailor-Made Fire Sprinkler Services

At Aura Fire Safety, we pride ourselves on what we do. We deliver an expansive spectrum of custom-engineered fire sprinkler services that cater uniquely to the safety needs of every residential or commercial property. Our extensive range of tailor-made fire sprinkler services includes:

Our experienced technicians demonstrate masterful precision in the intricate craft of constructing and implementing new fire sprinkler systems. Each installation is far from generic— we diligently integrate systems into your property’s infrastructure to ensure pervasive fire protection without disrupting your space’s function or aesthetic. When you decide to enhance your property’s fire safety measures, we’re here to provide expert installation of fire sprinkler systems. Whether it’s a new construction project, a renovation, or an addition of an ADU, we ensure that your fire sprinkler installation is efficient, compliant, and reliable.

Fire Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance Services 

System malfunction or wear is no hurdle for our repair team. If your existing fire sprinkler system needs an update or an upgrade, our team offers numerous types of concealed heads and other cutting-edge solutions that suit both your style and safety requirements. We respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies, executing urgent repairs to restore full functionality and ensure your building remains protected. With swift and decisive action, we trace the root cause of any system inefficiency and restore it to operational excellence. Beyond troubleshooting, we project an unwavering commitment to system longevity through our fully encompassing maintenance planning— ensuring your fire sprinkler system stands the test of time, ready to serve when it matters most.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services

The efficacy of a fire sprinkler system hinges on stringent, regular inspections. As mandated by NFPA 25 and local San Francisco fire safety regulations, your fire sprinkler system requires regular inspections and maintenance. Our certified inspectors deliver meticulous assessments that align seamlessly with local ordinances and industry standards. We sift out latent issues, if any, and provide constructive, solution-oriented feedback to optimize system performance. We schedule these vital services in a way that aligns with your daily operations, minimizing any interruptions.

Fire Sprinkler Design Services

Fire safety isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept, especially when considering the variable architectural designs of properties. Our fire protection engineers step in to architecturally design fire sprinkler systems that fit impeccably within your premises. The result is a diligently engineered layout that promotes comprehensive fire safety coverage while preserving your property’s distinctive character.

Consulting Services

Our specialized consulting services strive to bridge information gaps and navigate decision-making uncertainties. We offer expert advice on the broad spectrum of fire sprinkler systems, guiding you toward effective selection, installation, and maintenance strategies. Moreover, we ensure your complete awareness and adherence to local code requirements, fostering an environment of disciplined compliance. 

Why Choose Aura Fire Safety As Your Fire Sprinkler System Provider

In choosing Aura Fire Safety as your preferred fire sprinkler provider, you entrust your safety to the leading service in the San Francisco Bay Area. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to our craft, profound industry knowledge, and exceptional customer service, we are a beacon of reliability and quality in the fire safety landscape:
A meticulous technician performing a quarterly fire sprinkler inspection, carefully reviewing the checklist to ensure compliance and safety in a workplace environment.
As an integral thread in the local community’s fabric, we cultivate enduring relationships with our clients and strive to improve the community’s safety. Our pragmatism combines with a local perspective, setting us apart in our dedication to being responsive to the specific fire safety needs of the Bay Area.
With over 25 years of experience, whether your project is commercial or residential, we have the right expertise to guide you. Our professionals understand the complexities of underground connections and can provide tailored solutions for both types of properties.
With more than two decades of practical industry experience and intellectual cultivation, our technicians possess the insight and technical prowess to handle complex fire protection challenges. From situational analysis to issue resolution, our team’s expert knowledge translates into superior fire sprinkler system services.
We approach each project with a personal investment in your safety, harnessing our passion to provide top-notch fire sprinkler systems. Educating our clients about essential fire prevention tactics and arming them with resources to circumvent fire risks is an integral part of our service, and we consider it our duty and honor.
We’re far more than merely fire sprinkler system providers. We are your Aura of Protection. From the initial evaluation stages to design, installation, and ongoing maintenance, we deliver a comprehensive service suite that caters to your unique needs. Our portfolio of solutions ensures optimal fire safety measures for every client.
Your concerns act as our compass, informing our service direction to ensure your needs always come first. By listening attentively to your concerns and providing tailored advice, we aim to exceed your expectations in service delivery. Our customer service is responsive, addressing all inquiries with diligence and understanding.
As fire safety technology advances and regulations progress, we believe in growth and evolution. Our commitment to educational investment supports the continuous training of our technicians, ensuring our team stays ahead of the curve in fire sprinkler system innovation and regulatory adherence.

Partnering with Aura Fire Safety means placing your trust in a proven ally renowned for reliability, technical understanding, and a passionate commitment to preserving lives and properties. Our individualized service approach guarantees that every client we serve enjoys the peace of mind that comes with state-of-the-art fire protection.

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What Clients Are Saying

Daryl is simply fantastic – her customer service game is top notch! I, of course, called with a minor emergency, and while their schedule was too packed to shoehorn a technician appointment for me the same day, Daryl was so kind, accommodating, and responsive that I will not hesitate to contact Aura when the next leak arises.

repeat customer happy with reliable fire alarm inspection service

Laura P.


I hired Aura to test and certify the fire panels in 2 apartment buildings in SF. Sophath was professional (punctual, wore a mask, explained everything clearly) and a pleasure to work with. Turns out each building had a sensor/detector which needed to be replaced, so he had to return a second time. Despite that, the cost was reasonable, and I plan to use them for future annual certifications.

customer satisified with annual fire sprinkler inspection services

Ron C.


This company was great to work with. Quick response to my inquiry,arrived right on time for repair/troubleshooting ,excellent follow up and competitively priced. Would definitely hire again.

loyal customer happy with scommercial fire protection san francisco services

Brian H.


Vladi and his crew installed a fire sprinkler system in our two cottages that were newly built on our property in Berkeley. They designed the system and supplied the calculations along with the permits to the city of Berkeley, and completed the work which passed the fire inspections. Vladi was always a delight to talk to, very positive and always willing to work with me. I actually miss having a reason to call Vladi. And after they finished the cottages, we backed out of a contract to add fire sprinklers to the existing house, Vladi gladly refunded 100% of our deposit because of the stress I had endured this year. I will gladly use them in the future if and when I need to have our fire system serviced.

loyal customer happy with scommercial fire protection san francisco services

Susan F.


As a first time condo owner, it was very helpful that the technician explained what he was doing and what I needed to be aware about. This was super easy to schedule and quick service.

loyal customer happy with scommercial fire protection san francisco services

Sarah L.


My Architect, Ahmad introduced Vladi, Aura Fire Safety for Fire system at Himalayan Pizza and Momo. We are very happy with their work and they clearly know what they are doing. Vladi often visits job site and see how things are progressing. Our fire inspection passed successfully at first time without any problem. Vladi and his team listen customer well and make sure everything is planned good before they start their job. I would highly recommend them for Fire system protection, especially for commercial business.

loyal customer happy with san francisco title 19 inspection services

Santosh G.


These guys were great to work with, professional, friendly, explaining the whole process of a 5 year sprinkler inspection. From the technician Chris who did the work to Carlyn in the office, it is great when a business still believes in customer service & are just genuinely really Nice people to work with!

customer satisifid with 5 year fire inspection services

Wesley B.


Aura Fire Safety did a great Job. As a General Contractor, I routinely look for subcontractors I can trust to do thorough, timely work. I found my experience with Aura Fire to be smooth, timely and pleasant all around. Easy to work with in the field and office, I will certainly call on them again. TM

loyal client pleased with fire alarm monitoring services

T M.


Great customer service. Very responsive. They installed an Ansul system for us and they were competitively priced, on time, efficient and cleaned up after themselves. Highly recommended!

annual customer happy with fire protection service san francisco

Jeff V.


We needed a backflow prevention system to be installed to an existing fire sprinkler for our TIC to condo conversion project. Aura was the first one of 5 companies to respond to my request for estimate. Of 2 companies who did respond to my request, Aura was less expensive. Vladi was very pleasant to communicate with for scheduling technicians and inspections and Jesse was very professional and did an excellent job and provided detailed info for maintenance. Highly recommended.

repeat client happy with commercial fire sprinkler corrections services

Amie N.


Very professional and attentive service. Vladi took care of my restaurant and got me through final inspections. Highly recommend!

annual client pleased with fire protection service san francisco

Vano H.


Great Service!. Vlad and his team are top notch. Responsive, expert and trustworthy. They were easy to work with, very professional, showed up when they said they would, did the work the said they would and followed up to insure satisfaction. Could not ask for a better experience.

happy customer left a review for the best fire sprinkler monitoring company

Chip R.


Aura Fire has replaced our fire sprinkler heads and perform our annual testings. They are very professional and always keep good communications with me throughout the process. Vladi and Jose are a great team. I would recommend them for your fire safety needs!

annual client happy with reliable fire sprinkler monitoring service

D D.


Our HOA started using Aura this year, and we are very happy with the service. Vladi and Jose both are knowledgable and responsive to our needs. We fired our prior vendor and hired Aura and have no regrets!

customer satisified with commercial fire sprinkler installation service

Alex T.


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