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Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation
  • Expert design concepts
  • Effective planning
  • Efficient pricing
  • Seamless installation process
  • Final inspection and compliance with authorities having jurisdiction

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

Aura Fire safety works closely with homeowners and builders on their residential projects. While fire sprinkler requirements can be confusing to understand we make sure the process is clear and simple for you from the start. We wow you with a customized experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Our work ranges from whole house systems to those adding sprinklers for popular ADU units. We understand the complexities of the underground connections needed to supply the new fire line between a combo system and a dedicated system.

We also update existing systems. With the new sprinkler heads available now we can provide numerous types of concealed heads that fit your style and decor and change the look of your ceilings to a nice flush installation for a more updated look.

You can count on our 25 years of experience to help guide you through the process every step of the way. And if you are looking for commercial sprinkler installation you can find out more here. For sprinkler design click here.


For more examples of our projects click here

Residential Fire Sprinkler solution helped save the backyard while staying true to fire code compliance

This was an unusual project that demonstrated the value and benefit of putting in a new fire sprinkler system instead of building a firewall. Aura Fire team worked closely with the homeowner and architect Kyle Brunel in designing an alternative method of fire safety compliance. And it worked! With a Variance and an Alternative Method of Compliance, different agencies came together: the building department, fire safety, and city planning. It was a significant endeavor to cut into the main road and put in an underground fire line with two backflow prevention devices; then connect everything into a code-compliant and visually appealing fire sprinkler system that ultimately created a safer home for three families.

kyle brunel

Here is what Kyle Brunel says:

‘Aura Fire did what they said they were going to do. They delivered a great solution for us and they didn’t hit us with change orders as they handled the evolving design, paperwork, and permits. With Aura Fire, we were thinking outside the box. No longer did we have to build a firewall that would block the natural light and views for our next door neighbors and we did not require a large emergency-exit staircase that would have take up most of our backyard. Now our children can play in the backyard and I am growing blueberry bushes. I would definitely work with Aura Fire again.’

Kyle Brunel, homeowner, and architect,
Pencil Box Architects, Inc.

Do you have fire sprinkler monitoring at your property?

Knowing when your fire sprinkler system activates is essential in mitigating damage to your property. Aura Fire Safety provides proven, economical monitoring solutions for fire suppression systems for properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Through monitoring the water flow and the valves we can notify both you and the local fire department rapidly in the event your fire sprinkler system is activated. By providing timely notifications to you and the local authorities, we can help minimize the damage both fire and water can have on your property.

We will also regularly test, inspect, and repair alarm equipment attached to your fire sprinkler systems, verifying that all components are in optimal condition. 

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