Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation

Aura Fire Safety works closely with homeowners and builders on their residential projects. While fire sprinkler requirements can be confusing to understand, we make sure the process is clear and simple for you from the start. We wow you with a customized experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Our work ranges from whole-house systems to those adding sprinklers for popular ADU units. We understand the complexities of the underground connections needed to supply the new fire line between a combo system and a dedicated system.

We also update existing systems. With the new sprinkler heads available now, we can provide numerous types of concealed heads that fit your style and decor and change the look of your ceilings to a nice flush installation for a more updated look.

You can count on our 27 years of experience to help guide you through the process every step of the way. And if you are looking for commercial sprinkler installation, you can find out more here.

Fire Sprinkler Repairs

Benefits of a Residential Fire Sprinkler System

Understanding the benefits of a residential fire sprinkler system is crucial in recognizing its value for home safety. As a leading provider and contractor in this field, Aura Fire Safety ensures that each system is not just a safety feature but a vital part of your home’s defense against fire emergencies.

Immediate Response in Emergencies

Our residential fire sprinkler systems are designed for rapid activation in the event of a fire, significantly reducing the risk of spread and potential damage. This immediacy is crucial as it can often mean the difference between a minor incident and a devastating blaze, providing a first line of defense when every second counts.

Enhanced Safety for Occupants

The primary goal of any residential fire sprinkler is to protect lives. By controlling the fire quickly, these systems provide crucial time for occupants to evacuate safely. This rapid control is essential in preventing potentially life-threatening situations, ensuring a safer environment for you and your loved ones.

Reduced Property Damage

A quick response by the sprinkler system means less damage to the property, helping to preserve both the structure and the personal belongings within. This not only saves on costly repairs and replacements but also helps maintain the integrity and value of your home.

Lower Insurance Costs

Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for homes equipped with residential fire sprinkler systems, recognizing the lowered risk of extensive fire damage. This cost-saving benefit is a direct result of the increased safety measures provided by the sprinkler system, making it a financially wise investment for homeowners.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your home is equipped with a system installed by expert residential fire sprinkler system contractors provides a sense of security and comfort to homeowners. This peace of mind is invaluable, assuring you that your home is prepared to handle fire emergencies effectively.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

As knowledgeable residential fire sprinkler contractors, we ensure that your system is effective and fully compliant with local fire safety regulations. Compliance is key in ensuring legal safety standards are met, offering an additional layer of reassurance about the reliability and quality of your fire protection system.

In choosing a residential fire sprinkler system from Aura Fire Safety, you’re opting for a blend of advanced technology and assured protection. Our systems, installed by experienced residential fire sprinkler system contractors, offer a reliable, efficient, and essential safeguard for your home.

Residential Fire Sprinkler Solution Helped Save the Backyard While Staying True to Fire Code Compliance

This was an unusual project that demonstrated the value and benefit of putting in a new fire sprinkler system instead of building a firewall. The Aura Fire Safety team worked closely with the homeowner and architect Kyle Brunel in designing an alternative method of fire safety compliance. And it worked! With a Variance and an Alternative Method of Compliance, different agencies came together: the building department, fire safety, and city planning. It was a significant endeavor to cut into the main road and put in an underground fire line with two backflow prevention devices, then connect everything into a code-compliant and visually appealing fire sprinkler system that ultimately created a safer home for three families.

Homes Protected From Fire By High Quality Fire Alarm System

Advanced Technology in Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

At Aura Fire Safety, our commitment to safeguarding homes extends beyond traditional methods. We proudly integrate advanced technology into our residential fire sprinkler systems, setting a new standard in home safety. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the needs of modern residences, ensuring each residential fire sprinkler system is a testament to our dedication to excellence and innovation.

  • Smart Detection Technology: Our systems are equipped with intelligent sensors that accurately detect heat and smoke, triggering a prompt and precise response. This technology is pivotal in minimizing the risk of fire spread in residential settings.
  • Automated System Response: The automation in our fire sprinkler residential systems ensures a swift reaction during critical moments, significantly reducing the potential for damage and enhancing occupant safety.
  • Durable Material Construction: We use heat-resistant, long-lasting materials in our sprinkler systems, ensuring they can withstand high temperatures and remain effective under extreme conditions.
  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities: Offering advanced monitoring options, our systems allow homeowners to oversee their residential fire sprinkler system remotely, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind.
  • Collaboration with Expert Contractors: As leading residential fire sprinkler system contractors, we work closely with skilled professionals, including certified fire safety engineers, experienced plumbers, and specialized technicians, to ensure every aspect of the system is flawlessly integrated into your home. Collaboration with diverse experts is crucial for creating a cohesive and efficient system tailored to meet each residence’s unique fire safety needs, ensuring optimal functionality and reliability.

In choosing Aura Fire Safety, you’re not just selecting a residential fire sprinkler contractor; you’re choosing a partner dedicated to your safety. Our advanced systems represent the forefront of residential fire protection, blending seamlessly into your home while offering unmatched protection. Trust in our expertise as residential fire sprinkler system contractors to provide a system that meets and exceeds your safety expectations.

FAQ Section

Our residential fire sprinkler systems are engineered for rapid activation during a fire, significantly reducing the spread and potential damage. This quick response is essential for containing the fire at its source, providing crucial protection in the initial stages of a fire outbreak.
The primary feature is the system’s ability to control fire swiftly, offering occupants vital time to evacuate. This quick action is crucial in preventing life-threatening scenarios ensuring a safer environment for residents.
Yes, the quick response of our sprinkler systems minimizes property damage, and many insurance companies recognize this by offering reduced premiums for homes equipped with these systems, acknowledging the lower risk of extensive fire damage.
As experienced contractors, we ensure each system is not only effective but also fully compliant with local fire safety standards, providing an additional layer of confidence in the reliability and quality of your fire protection system.
Our systems feature smart detection technology, automated responses, durable materials, and remote monitoring capabilities. These technologies work together to provide a sophisticated and reliable fire protection solution for modern residences.
Our commitment to integrating advanced technology and 27 years of experience position us at the forefront of residential fire protection. We offer not just installation but a partnership dedicated to ensuring the highest safety standards for your home.

Here is what Kyle Brunel says:

smiling woman

Aura Fire did what they said they were going to do. They delivered a great solution for us and they didn’t hit us with change orders as they handled the evolving design, paperwork, and permits. With Aura Fire, we were thinking outside the box. No longer did we have to build a firewall that would block the natural light and views for our next door neighbors and we did not require a large emergency-exit staircase that would have take up most of our backyard. Now our children can play in the backyard and I am growing blueberry bushes. I would definitely work with Aura Fire again.

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Do You Have Fire Sprinkler Monitoring at Your Property?

Knowing when your fire sprinkler system activates is essential in mitigating damage to your property. Aura Fire Safety provides proven, economical monitoring solutions for fire suppression systems for properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. By monitoring the water flow and the valves, we can notify both you and the local fire department rapidly in the event your fire sprinkler system is activated. By providing timely notifications to you and the local authorities, we can help minimize the damage both fire and water can have on your property.

We will also regularly test, inspect, and repair alarm equipment attached to your fire sprinkler systems, verifying that all components are in optimal condition. 

Residential Fire Sprinkler

What Clients Are Saying

Daryl is simply fantastic – her customer service game is top notch! I, of course, called with a minor emergency, and while their schedule was too packed to shoehorn a technician appointment for me the same day, Daryl was so kind, accommodating, and responsive that I will not hesitate to contact Aura when the next leak arises.

repeat customer happy with reliable fire alarm inspection service

Laura P.


I hired Aura to test and certify the fire panels in 2 apartment buildings in SF. Sophath was professional (punctual, wore a mask, explained everything clearly) and a pleasure to work with. Turns out each building had a sensor/detector which needed to be replaced, so he had to return a second time. Despite that, the cost was reasonable, and I plan to use them for future annual certifications.

customer satisified with annual fire sprinkler inspection services

Ron C.


This company was great to work with. Quick response to my inquiry,arrived right on time for repair/troubleshooting ,excellent follow up and competitively priced. Would definitely hire again.

loyal customer happy with scommercial fire protection san francisco services

Brian H.


Vladi and his crew installed a fire sprinkler system in our two cottages that were newly built on our property in Berkeley. They designed the system and supplied the calculations along with the permits to the city of Berkeley, and completed the work which passed the fire inspections. Vladi was always a delight to talk to, very positive and always willing to work with me. I actually miss having a reason to call Vladi. And after they finished the cottages, we backed out of a contract to add fire sprinklers to the existing house, Vladi gladly refunded 100% of our deposit because of the stress I had endured this year. I will gladly use them in the future if and when I need to have our fire system serviced.

loyal customer happy with scommercial fire protection san francisco services

Susan F.


As a first time condo owner, it was very helpful that the technician explained what he was doing and what I needed to be aware about. This was super easy to schedule and quick service.

loyal customer happy with scommercial fire protection san francisco services

Sarah L.


My Architect, Ahmad introduced Vladi, Aura Fire Safety for Fire system at Himalayan Pizza and Momo. We are very happy with their work and they clearly know what they are doing. Vladi often visits job site and see how things are progressing. Our fire inspection passed successfully at first time without any problem. Vladi and his team listen customer well and make sure everything is planned good before they start their job. I would highly recommend them for Fire system protection, especially for commercial business.

loyal customer happy with san francisco title 19 inspection services

Santosh G.


These guys were great to work with, professional, friendly, explaining the whole process of a 5 year sprinkler inspection. From the technician Chris who did the work to Carlyn in the office, it is great when a business still believes in customer service & are just genuinely really Nice people to work with!

customer satisifid with 5 year fire inspection services

Wesley B.


Aura Fire Safety did a great Job. As a General Contractor, I routinely look for subcontractors I can trust to do thorough, timely work. I found my experience with Aura Fire to be smooth, timely and pleasant all around. Easy to work with in the field and office, I will certainly call on them again. TM

loyal client pleased with fire alarm monitoring services

T M.


Great customer service. Very responsive. They installed an Ansul system for us and they were competitively priced, on time, efficient and cleaned up after themselves. Highly recommended!

annual customer happy with fire protection service san francisco

Jeff V.


We needed a backflow prevention system to be installed to an existing fire sprinkler for our TIC to condo conversion project. Aura was the first one of 5 companies to respond to my request for estimate. Of 2 companies who did respond to my request, Aura was less expensive. Vladi was very pleasant to communicate with for scheduling technicians and inspections and Jesse was very professional and did an excellent job and provided detailed info for maintenance. Highly recommended.

repeat client happy with commercial fire sprinkler corrections services

Amie N.


Very professional and attentive service. Vladi took care of my restaurant and got me through final inspections. Highly recommend!

annual client pleased with fire protection service san francisco

Vano H.


Great Service!. Vlad and his team are top notch. Responsive, expert and trustworthy. They were easy to work with, very professional, showed up when they said they would, did the work the said they would and followed up to insure satisfaction. Could not ask for a better experience.

happy customer left a review for the best fire sprinkler monitoring company

Chip R.


Aura Fire has replaced our fire sprinkler heads and perform our annual testings. They are very professional and always keep good communications with me throughout the process. Vladi and Jose are a great team. I would recommend them for your fire safety needs!

annual client happy with reliable fire sprinkler monitoring service

D D.


Our HOA started using Aura this year, and we are very happy with the service. Vladi and Jose both are knowledgable and responsive to our needs. We fired our prior vendor and hired Aura and have no regrets!

customer satisified with commercial fire sprinkler installation service

Alex T.


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