When To Repair Your Fire Sprinkler

Maintaining a commercial building’s fire sprinkler system is an important responsibility that every property manager faces. At Aura Fire Safety, we work closely with property managers in San Francisco to ensure fire sprinklers are up to date. Below, we will review signs that indicate your commercial building needs fire sprinkler repairs.

However, you don’t want to wait to see these signs! Instead, you can be proactive and schedule a comprehensive fire sprinkler inspection performed by our fire safety team.

When To Repair Your Fire Sprinkler System

We understand the responsibility of maintaining commercial buildings up to code. All fire sprinkler systems must be up to date in case of emergencies and avoid any fees from the city. Below is a list of signs that your fire sprinkler system needs to be repaired:


If you notice that your fire sprinkler system is leaking, this is an indication your fire sprinkler system needs to be repaired. Leaks are an indication that your system may have damage that can prevent it from triggering correctly in case of an emergency.


If you notice any visible signs of rust or corrosion, or if you smell a foul odor similar to rotten eggs, it may be an indication that there’s damage to the fire sprinklers.

Pipe or Head Damage

If you notice damage to the pipes, it means that your system is compromised. These issues can prevent the proper flow of water in case of an emergency and other malfunctions.

Make Regular Fire Sprinkler Repairs A Priority

At Aura Fire Safety, we have built strong relationships with property managers, knowing that our team is in charge of monitoring and maintaining their fire sprinkler systems.

We help our clients stay current with city ordinances that help citizens stay safe during fire emergencies. Let Aura Fire Safety be part of your team! Call us today to schedule any fire sprinkler repairs!

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