Protect Your New Home With Fire Sprinklers

Homes are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. They’re equipped with heating systems, insulation for the cold weather, and air conditioning when it gets hot outside. Yet, there is one thing that homes can’t survive without – a fire sprinkler system.

Benefits Of A Fire Sprinkler System

For new homeowners, fire sprinkler systems are essential to the home. The city of San Francisco requires homeowners to have them before an inspection of the house is done. Insurance companies also need homeowners to have functional and code-compliant fire sprinkler systems. Some insurance companies even have discounts on insurance policies for having fire sprinkler systems.

The cost for installation is reasonable when you take into account all the benefits that come with it. Sprinklers are easy to maintain and install, making them necessary for homeowners.

Protect Your New Home With Fire Sprinklers

When you purchase a new home, you don’t think to look for fire sprinkler systems. But it should be one of the first things to worry about. San Francisco requires all homes to have them installed before they are occupied.

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