Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspection For Your Commercial PropertyBeing a property manager is an enormous undertaking. You are responsible for the property and must stay up-to-date with annual fire inspections and the latest ordinances. All equipment and protocols must be in place in order to pass a fire sprinkler inspection in San Francisco, CA, and avoid being penalized by the city fire department.

Annual fire sprinkler inspections are essential. We make the process as easy as possible to help property managers focus on critical tasks.

Why You Need Annual Inspections

As a property manager, annual inspections are required in order to meet all local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) and insurance requirements.

Annual inspections allow you to make sure that the fire sprinklers are operational and reliable in case of emergencies. As a licensed fire sprinkler company, We have the knowledge and experience to make sure you pass an annual fire sprinkler inspection.

Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspection Includes:

  • Operate control valves to check proper function
  • Check for damage and paint on sprinkler heads
  • Ensure the main drain has no obstructions
  • Check pipe hangers for damage and proper support of pipes
  • Check the control panel and ensure it is receiving appropriate signals from the Control Valve Tampers
  • Ensure the fire department connection is visible
  • Check the Alarm Bells for proper function and test the Water Flow Switch

Why Choose Aura Fire Safety

Building department officials in San Francisco recommend us because we know how to be quick and efficient. We specialize in commercial projects such as office buildings, malls, movie theaters, schools, banks, parking garages, and other facilities.

Our fire safety specialists provide fire sprinkler inspections for all types of commercial properties. No project is too simple or complex for our team; we tackle it all and provide prompt attentive service.

We Complete Fire Sprinkler Inspections In A Timely Manner

See why property managers prefer our company in San Francisco to meet their fire safety needs and conduct efficient commercial fire sprinkler inspections. Learn more about the importance of a yearly, quarterly, or 5 year fire sprinkler inspection.

Once we complete your inspection and you pass, you will receive a full report that documents the date and findings of your annual fire sprinkler inspection. If the system fails the test, you will receive a complete list of what you need in order to pass. We know you need a rapid response and a dedicated team to get the job done right. We provide outstanding care to keep the schedule moving forward for managers to have a successful project. If you need a 5 year fire sprinkler inspection our team can perform this and make sure you are code compliant.

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