Is Your Fire Sprinkler System Due For A 5 Year Title 19 InspectionWhen your property insurance provider requires proof of fire safety compliance they are most likely talking about your 5-year Title 19 fire sprinkler inspection report. And when your local fire department inspector visits to make sure your building is safe they are frequently looking for the 5-year Title 19 inspection sticker that shows your fire sprinkler is up to code. So when was your last Fire Sprinkler Inspection in San Francisco, CA?

At Aura Fire Safety we recommend all property owners with fire sprinklers in their properties to perform a 5-year inspection for the internal pipping conditions. We conduct an extensive fire sprinkler inspection and upgrade the components necessary to keep your building within legal requirements.

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Why Order A 5 Year Sprinkler Inspection?

To avoid legal fines, lethal accidents, or expensive repairs, we recommend all customers order a 5 Year Inspection to ensure all fire sprinkler system components are code compliant.

Building owners hold the responsibility for ordering internal fire sprinkler inspections. They are liable for fire sprinkler components and accessibility to the building.

Aure Fire Safety understands the challenge of maintaining a safe and efficient building and the importance of a 5 Year Sprinkler Inspection. Our team of expert contractors is dedicated to making your life easier and have the peace of mind that your fire sprinkler system is taken care of by professionals.

Our sprinkler inspection specialists will be assessing the following during the inspection:

  • Obstruction Investigation – an internal assessment is performed to ensure no foreign matter is present at the end of the line branch and the system riser check valve.
  • Hangers, Pipes and Fittings, Sprinklers, and Seismic Bracing – Thorough evaluation of these components is performed. We will carefully access the concealed spaces where they are located, usually found above suspended ceilings.
  • Check Valves – A comprehensive interior inspection ensures all elements of your fire system work properly and operate at optimum condition.
  • Pressure Reducing Valve – We conduct a full flow test on each valve and compare it to previous test results for ongoing observation.
  • Gauges – Gauges must be tested every five years to ensure they are within 3% of the full scale. If they are outside of that range, they are replaced or recalibrated.
  • Fire Department Connection – We perform a full flow back flush to the underground piping to remove any obstructions or foreign objects.

Benefits of a 5 Year Sprinkler Inspection

  • Savings on property insurance cost
  • Peace of mind that you are in compliance with the federal law and local jurisdiction
  • Assurance that your fire sprinkler will function properly in an emergency
  • Knowing that the financial investment of your fire system is protected by regular maintenance

How to Get Started

Contact Aura Fire Safety today to stay current with your fire sprinkler system and have peace of mind for you and the occupants on the property with a fire sprinkler inspection for your property.

We are ready to help you keep your fire sprinkler systems efficient and compliant. Our team at Aura Fire Safety is familiar with local jurisdictions and can help you determine your area’s requirements.

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