We at Aura Fire Safety, Inc (AFS). want to help you avoid the costly and dangerous damage to your Fire Sprinkler System. Sprinkler pipes are a lot like a car, if it’s not maintained it can result in expensive and unwanted repairs. At AFS, Inc. We recommend that all of our customers perform 5 Year Fire Sprinkler Inspections in San Francisco, CA, to inspect the internal piping conditions of their systems.

At AFS Inc. we believe the importance of internal testing is critical in the maintenance and health of your sprinkler system. Below is a list of what your Aura Fire Safety Specialist will be inspecting during your 5 Year Inspection.

  • Obstruction Investigation – Internal investigations are done at your system riser check valve and end of line branch. This investigation is to ensure your system is free of any foreign matter that may damage your system.
  • Hangers, Seismic Bracing, Pipes and Fittings, and Sprinklers – Shall be evaluated which are installed in accessible concealed spaces such as above suspended ceilings.
  • Check Valves – Interior inspection to verify that all components operate correctly and are in good working condition.WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF A 5 YEAR SPRINKLER INSPECTION?
  • Gauges – Shall be tested every 5 years by comparison with a calibrated gauge. Gauges not accurate to within 3 percent of the full scale shall be recalibrated or replaced. Pressure Reducing Valve—a full flow test shall be conducted on each valve and compared to previous test results.
  • Fire Department Connection – Shall be back flushed at full flow to remove any foreign matter or obstructions to the underground piping.


AFS Inc. takes your fire sprinkler system inspections seriously. There are many benefits to having AFS Inc. perform a 5 Year Certification Inspection for you. Peace of mind for you and any other occupants of the property, maintaining your financial investment, insurance savings, and protection for property and life.


Keeping up to date with your system inspections is essential to us at AFS Inc. Please contact us to conduct your next fire sprinkler inspection today! We proudly serve our community and provide inspection, design, and installation services of all life safety systems. Contact Aurafiresafety.com or give us a call at (415) 367-4583 today. Let us put our experience to work for you. We also perform residential fire sprinkler installation. Learn about everything you need to know about residential fire sprinkler installation.


Always check with your local jurisdiction having authority if there are additional requirements in your area


Inspection methods are per NFPA 25 Chapter 6.

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