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According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the civilian fire death rate for reported fires was 87% lower in properties with sprinklers than in properties with no automatic extinguishing system. It’s more than just staying in compliance with safety requirements, it’s a matter of life and death At Aura Fire ... Read More


An elemental aspect of fire protection is a fire sprinkler which automatically discharges water when it detects fire or a pre-determined temperature has exceeded. However, did you know that there are various kinds of a fire sprinkler head? Various types of sprinkler heads are usually designed for specific environments. So, how ... Read More


Certified fire safety protection can make or break the game for any homeowner or business. Often, fire sprinkler protection gets left out of the overall design of many projects. Then when the time comes to submit all required paperwork and plans ... Read More


One of the many Aura Fire Safety's benefits to the homeowner or contractor is we are able to quickly design and permit your customized fire sprinkler permits. It is very helpful to have a company that has the experience in working within San Francisco and the surrounding bay areas and ... Read More



Common Repair Issues

September 12, 2017
With the uplift attention to fire security in the San Francisco Bay territory, Aura Fire Safety has gotten various calls to finish restorative repairs to private and business frameworks. One of our current customers had a startling moderate dribble at a pipe in their private tall building. We could rapidly examine ... Read More


We, California’s leading service when It comes to sprinkler system design for over 20 years, recently had a call from a client located in the Midwest United States who asked assistance in sprinkler design services for several varied commercial buildings. At Aura Fire Safety, we are always ready and available ... Read More


When designing sprinkler systems for projects it is common to have many floor levels in a building. Some projects have only 2 stories, while others cover multi floor areas. One of the common questions we have from owners, builders, and architects is how will there be access to ... Read More



Sprinkler Design

March 15, 2017
When you are ready to tackle your next renovation construction project or building a new home or office, sprinklers can be one of the last items on your list that you think about that will interface with your project. Although fire sprinklers are one of the most important features that ... Read More


Last week we received a call from Equinox Fitness Center; they were required to replace more than a dozen of corroded sprinklers throughout their facility in San Francisco and they needed it completed on a three-day turn around to meet the stipulations of their ... Read More


Annual and Five-year inspections of fire sprinkler systems are comprehensive procedures which, when completed, will confirm that all sprinkler system components are in good condition and will ensure the system’s successful operation. During an annual fire sprinkler inspection, physical checks are performed on all the parts of your fire sprinkler system. ... Read More