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Oftentimes, emergency sprinkler systems are seen as smoke alarms. We see them planted on the wall and think, “They’re doing their job.” We never bother to question their reliability.  We assume everything about them is running at full speed. Sadly, this way of thinking has resulted in countless dollars’ worth of ... Read More
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In San Francisco, all your fire protection systems (including fire sprinklers) are required to be inspected quarterly in accordance with NFPA 25, Chapter 5 as amended by Title 19 of the California Code of Regulations. At Aura Fire Safety we are committed to assisting you in the performance of your ... Read More


In 2016, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed laws to promote fire and life safety by reducing the risk of fires and the damage that comes from them. Ordinance 163-16 and ... Read More


By July 1, 2021, San Francisco R-2 occupancy buildings with three residential units or more with existing fire alarms are required to upgrade their fire alarms to meet a “pillow test.” Since August 2016, the San Francisco Fire Department introduced a law requiring individuals to have fire systems that are ... Read More


How to Ensure an Accurate Test Report After Annual Fire Alarm Inspection For Your San Francisco Hotel Hotel owners in San Francisco know the importance of the annual fire alarm inspection. Firstly, staff and visitors' ... Read More


Protect you’re your Bay Area home or business with fire sprinkler monitoring. Frequently Required Fire Sprinkler Corrections Include: Inadequate sprinkler coverage Corroded, damaged sprinklers Sprinklers recalled by the manufacturer Pipe fractures and leaks Cracked, faulty valves Aura Fire ... Read More


Fire Safety For Single Room Occupancy Buildings Fire hazards are pervasive in San Francisco SRO Hotels due to many factors, including old buildings, tenant behaviors, and a general lack of fire safety and prevention information. Since 1988 it has been estimated more than 1,500 residential SRO hotel units have been lost ... Read More
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Some time has passed since the last two monumental San Francisco fire safety ordinances were instated in response to the Mission District fires. Although deadlines for compliance have long gone and these protections are well established—it's never too late to review them. Particularly in preparation for the approaching 2021 fire ... Read More


Smoke detectors are designed and installed to provide an early warning of a fire. In California, it's a legal requirement for building and property owners to install, maintain, and communicate to tenants the fire safety systems that operate throughout the building — whether it is a rental property or privately ... Read More


By July 1, 2021, owners of Group R-2 occupancy buildings — meaning any residential occupancy with sleeping areas — are required to upgrade fire alarm systems to pass the “Pillow Test.” The San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD), as of August 2016, requires that fire alarm systems be loud ... Read More
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