Ultimate Fire Safety Checklist For San Francisco Residential Building OwnersIn 2016, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed laws to promote fire and life safety by reducing the risk of fires and the damage that comes from them. Ordinance 163-16 and 165-16 provided various protections for residents. They are “Disclosure of Fire Safety Information” (163-16) and “Fire Safety Requirement for Existing Buildings” (165-16).

All residential property owners have to comply with the following:

  • All residential building owners must upgrade or install fire alarm systems loud enough to wake residents in case of a fire emergency by July 2021
  • Ensure all residents receive updated information about fire safety and smoke alarm requirements.
  • Post CO and smoke alarm information in all common areas of buildings.
  • Post and file the Statement of Compliance document at the entry of buildings.

Aura Fire Safety is an expert fire alarm system contractor helping building owners to be compliant and pass fire inspections. We are a team of specialists dedicated to the safety of San Francisco residents. Read more about the fire safety checklist that all San Francisco condo building owners need to follow.

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Disclosure Of Fire Safety Information

Residential building owners who have three dwelling units or more must disclose information regarding fire safety protocols to all residents once per year. The information must be easily accessible and continually updated as required under Section 409 of the fire safety code.

Disclosure Of Smoke Alarm Information

Condo building owners of one or more units have to disclose a written notification about smoke alarm requirements by displaying a form provided by the San Francisco Fire Department. Each year, by January 31, building owners have to distribute this information to each tenant or lessee. The Fire Department, in collaboration with the Department of Building Inspection, will prepare the form each year and make it available online in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Documentation For Fire Alarm Maintenance, Inspection, And Testing

All residential building owners must always keep their fire and life safety systems in operable condition. Every year, building owners must pass an inspection performed by service personnel that meets the qualifying requirements set forth the NFPA 72 standard and it’s urgent to upgrade your fire alarm system.

The housing code requires building owners to file a Statement of Compliance after passing the yearly Fire Department inspection. Proper signage in common areas of the building must be visible to all residents. Also, all building residents must be informed and educated about the fire safety regulations that take place.

Preparing For Ordinance

Ordinance states that all alarm systems’ sound level must be “at least 15 dB above the average ambient sound level or 5 dB above the maximum sound level having a duration of at least 60 seconds or a sound level of at least 75 dBA, whichever is greater, measured at the pillow level in the area required to be served by the system using the A-weighted scale (dBA).”

Aura Fire Safety’s specialists have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your fire alarm system is fire code compliant in 2021 and passes inspections.

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