Ensuring An Accurate Annual Fire Alarm Inspection Report

How to Ensure an Accurate Test Report After Annual Fire Alarm Inspection For Your San Francisco Hotel

Hotel owners in San Francisco know the importance of the annual fire alarm inspection. Firstly, staff and visitors’ safety are partly pegged on the hotel’s fire alarm system if a fire breaks out. Secondly, the law requires that fire alarm systems in hotels and other buildings are audited and a report generated at least once a year. However, the test reports should be as accurate as possible to guarantee the safety of people walking in to enjoy your services. How do you ensure you get an accurate test report?
First, a hotel manager should ensure that all devices comprising the fire alarm system are tested according to the NFPA 72 standards. However, this does not always happen, and some people using the testing process as a repair time for broken devices. Additionally, hotel managers and owners often have other businesses to take care of and may neglect their safety assurance roles. In this view, owners should hire fire alarm inspection experts like Aura Fire Safety.

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Benefits of hiring trusted experts

Having the annual fire alarm inspection done and having it done by experts are different things. At Aura Fire Safety, we have over twenty years of experience inspecting fire equipment, including fire alarm systems. Additionally, our alarm inspection professionals are well versed with the NFPA 72 (2010 edition) standards and can uncover the slightest impairment in hotel fire alarm systems. We endeavor to deliver the best-in-class inspection service, and we do not stop at anything. We adhere to all regulatory requirements.

Details contained in an accurate annual fire alarm inspection San Francisco report

We only generate a fire alarm inspection San Francisco report after successfully testing all devices. Therefore, we guarantee that the reports we generate account for every part of the system and is hence reliable. We include the details below to enhance the accuracy of inspection reports.
Our San Francisco Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Services Ensure Your System Does The Following:

  • Name of the hotel.
  • Testing contractor information (our company details).
  • Type of service conducted.
  • Type of fire alarm system.
  • Notifications made before and after testing.
  • The testing outcomes.
  • Date and time when the system we restored the system.

Notice that each of these details is important and forms part of the sample report provided in the 2020 NFPA 72 guidelines.If the fire alarm system failed the inspection due to malfunctioning wiring and/or faulty devises, system corrections will be required. Only upon corrections completed and once the system is in compliance will a ‘pass’ report be provided.
After we issue a hotel manager with the ‘pass’ report, they are supposed to keep it safe until the next inspection. The report is the only proof showing that your alarm systems are working as required.

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Why hotel fire alarm systems may need frequent inspections

We receive this question from many hotel owners and managers after explaining that systems require inspection before the end of the year. Often, this prescription is for systems that are aging and therefore depreciating inefficiency. Fire alarm systems manufacturers usually indicate this fact in the instructions manual, and it has since become an industry standard. The type of equipment, age, and working conditions are the principal determinants of inspection and service frequency. However, hotel owners may have to replace systems earlier than envisioned if the manufacturer discontinues support for the units installed or repair parts become scarce. We advise managers to consult local fire system suppliers to find out the systems’ age and always keep records.

Does your hotel alarm system require inspection? Hire Aura Fire Safety and get the annual inspection done professionally. We will give you the most accurate inspection report. Besides that, we also offer our clients useful insights and actionable advice on fire systems maintenance. Don’t miss out.

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