In San Francisco, all your fire protection systems (including fire sprinklers) are required to be inspected quarterly in accordance with NFPA 25, Chapter 5 as amended by Title 19 of the California Code of Regulations. At Aura Fire Safety we are committed to assisting you in the performance of your mandatory quarterly fire sprinkler inspections in San Francisco.


Over time, there are several things that can affect the effectiveness of your sprinkler system. This includes pipe corrosion, rust, damaged sprinkler heads, and improper water pressure. AFS Inc. understands the importance of performing your quarterly inspections regularly. Below are some examples of what your Aura Fire Safety Specialist will be looking at during your quarterly inspection.

  • Water Pressure
  • Gauges for damage and accuracy
  • Sprinkler heads for damage and paint
  • Valves for proper position and damage
  • Pipe hangers to ensure they are supporting pipes and not missing or damaged
  • Fire Department Connection for visibility
  • Pipe for damage

Once one of our Aura Fire Safety Specialist has completed your inspection, you shall receive a report documenting the date and findings of your Quarterly inspection including any deficiencies. AFS Inc. is always ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding your life safety systems. Call us today!

Why Choose Aura Fire Safety For Your Quarterly Fire Sprinkler Inspection

Aura Fire Safety takes your fire sprinkler system inspections seriously. It could mean the difference between losing and keeping your business in the event of a fire. Let us help you protect your livelihood and safeguard your property and investment. You will be glad you did.

Keeping up to date with your system inspections is essential to us at AFS Inc. Please contact us to conduct your next fire sprinkler inspection today! We proudly serve our community and provide inspection, design, and installation services of all life safety systems. Contact us today! Let us put our experience to work for you.

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