Fire Safety For Single Room Occupancy Buildings

Fire hazards are pervasive in San Francisco SRO Hotels due to many factors, including old buildings, tenant behaviors, and a general lack of fire safety and prevention information. Since 1988 it has been estimated more than 1,500 residential SRO hotel units have been lost to fires.

The risk of fire is a serious concern for owners of single-room occupancy (SRO) hotels. It is understandable, considering there are streams of residents moving in and out year-round. Have you heard of the upcoming 2021 fire alarm code? At Aura Fire Safety we are here to help.

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Read on to learn about 7 Safety Tips for SRO buildings to help protect your property and residents.

7 Tips To Keep Your SRO Property Fire-Safe

Let’s make sure your building is protected, and your residents know about fire safety! In efforts to help and support SRO building owners—we have put together some great tips.

As SFGate reported, Denise Dorey has spent the past four decades living in SROs. She was in the Franciscan Towers fire. “There were no fire alarms,” she says. “We sat there and watched it burn. This is real, and these old buildings are like tinderboxes.” Considering this reality, fire alarm safety should be a top priority.

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SRO property owners are generally legally required to, at the minimum, have a monitored fire alarm system. This ensures you protect your assets and stay compliant with local laws. As an SRO property owner, you also need to:

  1. Consult a fire alarm protection company to find out what type of devices you require and where to place them.
  2. Ensure places like recreational facilities, meeting rooms, and laundry rooms have fire alarms, and there aren’t any electrical hazards. If your SRO hotel already has this equipment, you should have them inspected regularly.
  3. Go over your fire safety inspection checklist and ensure all inspections and tests are done thoroughly.
  4. Prepare for a Plan B for occupant safety during a fire in case Plan A can’t be carried out.
  5. Keep electrical panels, space heaters, and fire alarm system controls clear of any obstructions.
  6. Keep storage areas clean and organized.
  7. Store flammable liquids in approved cabinets and containers.

To ensure their dependability, fire alarm systems must be inspected, tested, and maintained annually. Fire alarm systems are so important when trying to keeping your building safe. Learn more with our guide to fire alarms.

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