The 3 Most Popular Types of Commercial Fire Alarms

Whether you’re upgrading or newly installing a fire protection system in your building, it’s helpful to understand the types of commercial fire alarms. At Aura Fire Safety, we thoroughly enjoy educating facility managers, property managers, property owners, and more on the various types of commercial fire alarms available. A working San Francisco fire alarm system is part of the habitability requirements outlined by the state of California. Every commercial building is required to have a commercial fire alarm.

Aura Fire Safety aims to empower customers with practical information. From automatic alarm systems to manual alarms—there are a few things that are helpful to know before choosing a system. And more importantly, being informed on what’s available can make it easy to meet new and old fire alarm code ordinances. Learn more about the key components of San Francisco fire alarm systems.

Categories of Commercial Fire Alarms

There are two categories of fire alarms you can have in your commercial space. The first is an automatic fire alarm. When these alarms detect smoke or heat, they send an audio-visual alert throughout the building. The second type of fire alarm is a manual alarm. Manual fire alarms have pull stations placed around your building. When a fire is smelled or seen by one of your occupants, they can pull the leveler to alert everyone else.

The 3 Most Popular Types of Commercial Fire Alarms

Just as there are different categories, there are also different types of commercial fire alarms. Let’s look at the three most popular types of fire alarms and the features they can offer.

  1. Conventional Fire Alarms
    Conventional fire alarms can include several different “zones” that are hardwired to your central fire alarm control panel. These systems allow you to separate fire alarms in each section of your building—this is especially helpful when monitoring if an alarm is broken.
  2. Addressable Fire Alarms
    Addressable fire alarms are also called “intelligent systems” as they more accurately monitor the fire alarms in your building. Addressable alarms allow you to choose between manual and automatic alarms. Each fire alarm installed in this system has its own address, which will enable you to see which alarms might be working or failing. Addressable fire alarms can be more expensive because of their advanced monitoring features.
  3. Hybrid Fire Alarms
    Hybrid alarms brilliantly combine the hardwired zone features of a conventional fire alarm with the addressable loops of an addressable fire alarm into a single control panel. This combined technology can fit some of the newest features and settings better than either the addressable or the conventional alarm.

When choosing and installing a new commercial fire alarm, make sure you select the fire alarm that is right for your facility. To get started with Aura Fire Safety today or for more information on fire alarm systems, call us at (415) 333-2588.

About Aura Fire Safety

At Aura Fire Safety, you get direct service and peace of mind. Complex state laws and fire codes can make installing or updating a fire alarm system confusing. We make upgrading your San Francisco fire alarm system seamless.

Our highly responsive and educated team can provide fire alarm installation, inspection, and monitoring services for both your commercial and residential spaces. Give Aura Fire Safety a call today—(415) 333-2588.

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