Category: Fire Alarm Inspection


Is your San Francisco property up-to-date on the 2021 fire alarm system requirements? By July 1, 2021 owners of R-2 occupancy buildings with 3 residential units or more with existing fire alarms are ... Read More


Fire protection systems consist of building current systems, fire-suppression systems, and fire alarm systems. At Aura Fire Safety, our objective is to ensure that both residential and commercial buildings are safe with the ... Read More


Commercial buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area often need fire alarm upgrades or replacements. At Aura Fire Safety, we help commercial building owners become familiar with the new technologies available to upgrade ... Read More


The 3 Most Popular Types of Commercial Fire Alarms Whether you’re upgrading or newly installing a fire protection system in your building, it’s helpful to understand the types of commercial fire alarms. At Aura Fire Safety, we thoroughly enjoy educating facility managers, property managers, property owners, and more on the various ... Read More
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