Recommended Fire Alarm Upgrades for San Francisco/Bay Area Commercial BuildingsCommercial buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area often need fire alarm upgrades or replacements. At Aura Fire Safety, we help commercial building owners become familiar with the new technologies available to upgrade an existing San Francisco fire alarm system. We also show you the importance of staying updated and provide you with everything you need to achieve a successful fire alarm upgrade in San Francisco.

Learn About New Technologies Available

There have been several advancements in fire alarm technology over the last few years. Start with a complete audit of your fire alarm system by a qualified professional, like Aura Fire Safety. Once the audit is completed, you should have a complete evaluation of your fire alarm system. This evaluation should include recommendations to upgrade or replace any obsolete equipment.

To know about new technologies that are available and understand them in basic terms, you also need a professional, reliable, and experienced fire alarm installation company. We can show you the range of San Francisco fire alarm systems we supply that can match your existing fire alarm system.

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When it comes to the range of fire alarm systems we supply with new technologies, we provide everything from:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • System design
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Specification

New technology also saves on cost. Building owners are often faced with the challenge of deciding on whether to upgrade their systems. Many go through the arduous and expensive task of replacing the entire fire alarm system which can be a major and costly headache depending on the condition, age, and other factors of a building fire alarm system. New fire alarm technologies allow for significant long-term savings with reduced upkeep, maintenance, and no need for an expensive replacement. Learn more about the key components of an adequate San Francisco fire protection system.

Why You Need an Upgrade

Upgrading a fire alarm system in an existing building can force a building owner to run into many significant obstacles. Also, fire alarm commercial building upgrades are automatically required for any fire alarm system installed before 2000. For these reasons, Aura Fire Safety is available to provide the necessary upgrades for all commercial buildings in the San Francisco Bay area.

For fire alarm upgrade commercial building systems, it is important to know whether an upgrade is needed or not because it is dangerous to ignore any fire alarm system. Although it might seem like it is easy to skimp on investing in upgrading a fire alarm system, it is a bad idea to wait until a system or a major component fails. When a system failure happens, the entire system needs replacement, which will cost a lot more money than an occasional upgrade.

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Importance of Staying Updated

We always encourage commercial building owners in San Francisco to stay updated with new fire alarm systems because it is just proper due diligence planning. Fire safety should never be taken lightly, and we can show you how upgrading your system could provide you with significant cost savings.

Once we conduct an audit and assess what parts of the old system can and cannot be used, in addition to upgrades that can be integrated into the new system, there is usually a potential to save a substantial sum of money on the upgrade. Building owners in San Francisco also experience significant long-term savings when they choose to call us for a fire alarm upgrade.

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There are many options available on the market today, and our experts at Aura Fire Safety can find the right fire alarm upgrade commercial building. We know that no two fire systems are the same, and we take pride in helping find the best solutions for our clients. Count on us for expert advice for your fire alarm upgrade in San Francisco.

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