If you are a property manager ensuring the occupants’ safety entails you must keep abreast of all required Life Fire Safety inspections and fire sprinkler inspection in San Francisco. It is important that maintenance inspections are being performed on regular basis so that your properties meet all local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and insurance requirements. Peace of mind is priceless for managers who are responsible for the integrity of a Life Fire Safety system that is 100% operational and reliable in the event of any emergency. Here is what you need to know about your fire sprinkler needs for the year. In accordance with NFPA 25, Chapter 5 as amended by Title 19 of the California Code of Regulations, all fire sprinklers are required to be inspected quarterly and thoroughly tested annually. Quarterly inspections help property managers to know ahead if something is amiss before it becomes a costly repair by the time annual testing comes around. fire pump failures QUARTERLY TEST INCLUDES: (no access to interior units required) • Water Pressure • Gauges for damage and accuracy • Sprinkler heads for damage and paint • Valves for proper position and damage • Pipe hangers to ensure they are supporting pipes and not damaged • Fire Department Connection for visibility • Pipe for damage   ANNUAL TEST INCLUDES: (access to interior units required) • Main Drain test to determine there is are no obstructions • Sprinkler heads for damage and paint • Operate Control Valves to insure they work correctly • Pipe hangers to ensure they are supporting pipes and not damaged • Fire Department Connection for visibility • Test Control Valve Tampers, are they sending a signal to the     Control panel? • Test Water Flow Switch to insure it sounds the Alarm Bells Once one of our Aura Fire Safety Specialist has completed your inspection, you shall receive a report documenting the date and findings of you Quarterly or Annual inspection including any deficiencies. AFS Inc. is always ready to answer any questions that you may have regarding your life safety systems. Call  415-333-2588 or visit www. AuraFireSafety.com.
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