The National Fire Protection Association’s standards (NFPA 25) list specific requirements for the frequency of fire sprinkler inspection in San Francisco, depending on your equipment type. A water-based fire sprinkler system requires it be checked quarterly, annually, even every five years.

Maintaining the integrity and the structure of the fire sprinkler systems is something the NFPA and the state of California take very seriously; therefore, you must strictly comply with quarterly fire sprinkler inspections. Property managers adhering to the required quarterly and annual fire sprinkler inspection ensures you’re not only in compliance with the state law but also ensuring that the fire sprinkler system will do its job when emergencies occur.

Quarterly Test

  • Water Pressure
  • Gauges – Check for damage and accuracy
  • Sprinkler Heads – To check for damage and paint
  • Valves – Ensure proper position and check for damage
  • Pipe Hangers – To ensure they are not damaged and they’re supporting pipes
  • Fire Department Connection – Check for visibility
  • Pipe – Check for damage

Annual Test

  • Main Drain – Test to determine there are no obstructions
  • Sprinkler Heads – Check for damage and paint
  • Operate Control Valves – To ensure they work properly
  • Pipe Hangers – Ensure supporting pipes are not damaged
  • Fire Department Connection – Check for visibility
  • Control Valve Tampers – Test to see if they send a signal to control panel
  • Water Flow Switch – Ensure alarm bells sound

We want to point out to property managers why the annual and quarterly inspections are important besides the fact that the law requires us to do so. Well, we need an adequate amount of water supply to ensure the safety of the people nearby and the protection of the property. Safety is the main concern and during the hottest months in California, we are more prone to fires. When it comes to fire safety, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our customers, our communities to do everything in our power to keep people safe.

Although it’s the law telling us to inspect our sprinkler systems, it’s our duty to keep people in our buildings safe.

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