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Bay Area Fire Protection – Bay Area Cities Covered

Aura Fire Safety provides a fast turnaround for fire safety inspection and protection services for Bay Area residents. We ensure our fire protection and inspection services not only protect your building, but most importantly, protect the patrons inside as well. Our fire protection and inspection services are for the following Bay Area cities:

  • Fire Safety Inspection – San Francisco, CA
    We provide San Francisco with the best fire safety inspection to ensure that each building stays in top quality form. San Francisco is such a large city that a fire can be catastrophic to not only the building on fire, but the buildings surrounding it. Fire safety is our main concern and we want you to be protected. Our quarterly fire sprinkler inspections help keep fire sprinkler systems in working order at all times. We have a top-quality fire sprinkler system design and our inspection guarantees it maintains top quality.
  • Fire Safety Inspection – Berkeley, CA
    At Aura Fire Safety, we make sure our fire system inspection is double-checked; we want to make sure Berkeley has every inch of a building has been thoroughly covered. Never leave the lives of your patrons in uncertainty and make sure you have a fire protection company, like us, that is 100% confident in their fire protection and inspection. Be sure your fire safety equipment is fully-operational and will pass the quarterly and annual fire system inspection by deciding to go with our quality design and services.
  • Fire Safety Inspection – Oakland, CA
    Our 5-year sprinkler inspection is necessary by California law to ensure the safety of everyone inside of a building. The 5-year fire sprinkler inspection will assure Oakland that everything is in working order should a fire occur. Choose us for your quarterly, annually, and 5-year fire safety inspection services. Ensure the safety of your patrons by going with a fire safety company that makes no mistakes, and leaves nothing left unchecked.
  • Fire Safety Inspection – Palo Alto, CA
    Our experts are well-versed in the needs of fire safety requirements for all types of properties in the Palo Alto area. We offer 5-year fire sprinkler inspections to test and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure your fire sprinkler systems are fully-functional in case of a fire. Safety is of our highest concern and our fire protection services offer only the best for our clients to have peace of mind. Visit the Palo Alto inspection page to learn more about what we can do for you!
  • Fire Safety Inspection – Redwood City, CA
    Aura Fire Safety will ensure all your fire sprinkler systems meet the requirements of the NFPA and Redwood City. We take fire protection and inspection very seriously and we want to educate our clients in what it means to get a fire safety inspection. We want to enlist our fire inspection experts to your building and provide our fire safety services to ensure the utmost safety for your building and the patrons inside. Click to learn more about our fire safety inspections in Redwood City.
  • Fire Safety Inspection – Silicon Valley, CA
    Silicon Valley is the heart of the tech industry and we want top quality safety for these tech companies leading us to the future. Our fire safety inspections make sure that your fire sprinkler systems are fully-functional and of top quality. Fire safety equipment is required by law to be checked thoroughly to ensure safety of patrons inside the building. Don’t take any chances and make sure to get your fire sprinkler checked every quarter, every year, and every five years for excellent protection.

Don’t wait until it’s too late; make sure that you get the required fire safety inspections on time. In case of a fire, you know you not only have the best fire sprinkler system design, but you know that it’s been inspected and assured to be working and operational at a time of need. Bay Area fire protection is of our highest concern and Aura Fire Safety wants the Bay Area to be fully protected at all times. A fully-functional fire sprinkler system can be the difference between a catastrophic fire and a minor incident – don’t get caught off guard and protect yourself and those around you with our Bay Area fire protection inspections.

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