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Do You Need Aura Fire Safety To Come Out?

Fire safety inspection – Silicon Valley calls are frequent for us, because its residents realize the value in being prepared! Why do you need a fire safety inspection in Silicon Valley? You would think this place is like Skynet and nothing could touch its creative bubble machine. But fires happen and there aren’t many apps to combat that.

Aura Fire Safety Inspection – Silicon Valley Services

Aura Fire Safety offers the following fire safety inspection – Silicon Valley services:

  • Fire Protection Services in Silicon Valley, CA
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems in Silicon Valley, CA
  • Kitchen Fire Systems in Silicon Valley, CA
  • Fire Extinguishers in Silicon Valley, CA
  • Emergency Lighting in Silicon Valley, CA
  • Fire Pumps in Silicon Valley, CA

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Even though the thought of a fire occurring at your business or home turf is the last thing you would want to think about, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you protect your business from the possibility of a fire by looking into our fire safety inspection – Silicon Valley services. In reality, each working or home environment will have a unique set of risks associated with it pertaining to a fire. There are a variety of things that you can do in collaboration with a fire risk assessment and a site survey to ensure that your business or home has what it needs to protect itself from a fire.

Annual Fire Sprinkler Inspection By Professional San Francisco Fire Company

What Does a Fire Safety Inspection in Silicon Valley Include?

Here are just a few items Aura Fire Safety can inspect:

  • Sprinkler System
    Any fire sprinkler systems you have installed will be checked on a quarterly basis to ensure they are placed where they are needed the most. Stats demonstrate multiple loss of life is less in full sprinkler-proofed buildings, property losses are 85% less in residences that have them, and the combo of automatic sprinklers and early warning systems could reduce overall injuries, loss of life and property damage by at least 50%.
  • Fire Extinguisher
    Every working environment has unique fire safety inspection – Silicon Valley service needs. For instance, not all fire extinguishers work the same. If your business is a restaurant, you need a fire extinguisher that can suppress volatile solvents, such as oil. Alternatively, if your business deals with the handling of corrosive chemicals, you need a fire extinguisher that can neutralize the effects of those chemicals. A fire safety testing service company like ours can provide recommendations re: what fire extinguisher would be best for your particular space.
  • Property Fire Safety Plan
    Aura Fire Safety can examine fire sprinklers and suppression systems as part of fire safety inspection – Silicon Valley services we offer. Setting you up for your fire safety plan consists of a 5 year fire sprinkler testing plan and inspection of the fire prevention solutions on a regular, scheduled basis. Receive the highest level of protection against fires with Aura Fire Safety in your corner.

Why try to figure it out on your own? Get in touch with our fire safety inspection – Silicon Valley service experts today!

Silicon Valley, CA – What’s Going On?

Many tech giants call Silicon Valley, CA home. It seems to be the go-to spot for brainiacs of every race, color and creed. It has an allure that attracts creative minds. Let’s take a step back and figure out how this great city became great.
The term Silicon Valley was coined by California entrepreneur Ralph Verstom. His friend, journalist Don Hofler, unveiled for the first time this term January 11, 1971. He used it as the title of his series of articles in the Silicon Valley USA newspaper. In these articles, Hofler wrote about the town of Santa Clara, south of San Francisco, where many major IT companies had their headquarters.
What are the secrets to success in Silicon Valley? There is no “one size fits all” strategy. Once upon a time, the areas was a simple place, but now it thrives on being the global epicenter of high technology. Those who have found success seem to be free-thinkers.

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