building blueprint

When you are ready to tackle your next renovation construction project or building a new home or office, sprinklers can be one of the last items on your list that you think about that will interface with your project.

Although fire sprinklers are one of the most important features that you have and are a valuable life safety device, we understand at Aura Fire Safety that appearance and aesthetics are very important to the overall design of your project.

We work with our designers on staff to best determine the type of sprinkler based on location, function, color and appearance. The are a range of choices in today’s fire sprinkler prevention market and we at Aura Fire Safety are informed of the latest products as well as design features.

We have helped design hundreds of the perfect fire sprinkler system design for your home, retail center, multi family or office.

When it comes to seamless design of your fire sprinkler system, leave it to the professionals at Aura Fire Safety, “we have you covered”!

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