According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the civilian fire death rate for reported fires was 87% lower in properties with sprinklers than in properties with no automatic extinguishing system. It’s more than just staying in compliance with safety requirements, it’s a matter of life and death

At Aura Fire Safety, we take safety very seriously; with 22 years of experience our fire sprinkler designers create residential sprinkler systems

that decrease the home fire death rate by over 80% (NFPA reports). A home fire sprinkler system design is critical to be efficient to keep the death and injury rates low while keeping property damages just as low.

Fire sprinkler system installations are catered to specifically fit your home or building. Our residential sprinkler system design will cover areas that our fire sprinkler designers see fit in terms of safety, but water loss as well. This brings us to the myth that fire sprinklers prove to waste more water and lead to extensive water damage but we want to debunk this myth immediately. A properly executed installation of fire sprinkler systems release 8 – 24 gallons per minute while a fire hose discharges between 80 – 125 gallons.

The decision of a fire sprinkler systems installation is made after significant research, preparation, and planning. In California alone, any individual installing, repairing, or inspecting residential fire sprinkler systems must be certified or registered with the State Fire Marshal. Also, they must have 3,500 hours of apprenticeship and 3 years of experience for multi-family residential. Here at Aura Fire Safety, we employ only the very best fire sprinkler designers and installers to give all of our clients the leading residential fire sprinkler system design to provide them with the utmost safety. Residential fire sprinklers slow down the progress of the fire, thus, allowing families that precious extra time to get out safely.

Our work ranges from whole house systems to those adding sprinklers for popular ADU units.  We understand the complexities of the underground connections needed to supply the new fire line between a combo system and a dedicated system. We also update existing systems. With the new sprinkler heads available, we can provide numerous types of concealed heads that fit your style and decor and change the look of your ceilings to a nice flush installation for a more updated look.

As far as maintaining your residential fire sprinkler system, it’s mostly common sense. Keeping the control valve open, not hanging items from the sprinklers, and making sure that the sprinklers do not get painted or obstructed are the most important things to remember. And of course schedule your fire sprinkler annual maintenance testing to make sure the system is in compliance and will activate in case of an emergency.

We’d like to encourage you to really think about your next step in keeping your home and building safe by researching, planning, and preparing for a residential fire sprinkler systems installation. A residential fire sprinkler system design can be the difference between life and death.

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