That is a popular question that we eventually get at Aura Fire Safety. You have already chosen to protect your office or building with a fire pump and fire sprinkler system, but installation alone is not enough. Fire pumps must be tested to ensure that the water flow and pressure levels will effectively diffuse a fire.


Weekly Fire Pump Testing:


You wouldn’t expect someone to run a marathon two years after buying (still unused) running sneakers, with no practice, or training schedule. Just the same, your fire p

ump should be checked regularly to test performance. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to keep your fire pump in “race-ready” shape.

Different fire pumps require distinct testing lengths: 10 minutes per week for electric fire pumps or 30 minutes per week for diesel fire pumps. These weekly pump tests are preventive measures to insure your pump will work correctly when you need it to.

With these regular tests, you will also remain familiar with your fire sprinkler system, keep an eye out for repair issues, and prevent rust, dust, and debris from disrupting the fire pump. If you’d like experienced help, call State Systems, and we will schedule a professional fire pump inspection technician to show you the proper maintenance and tests for your system.

Annual Fire Pump Test:

We cannot say it enough: the only way you can be certain your fire pump will keep you protected is if you have it tested regularly! A yearly fire pump inspection is essential to ensure that your fire pump will work properly to keep you safe from fires at all times.

The most important thing you can do for your fire suppression system is to make sure it always works. We provide quality inspection and maintenance to keep your fire suppression system in working order and, most importantly, to keep your facility and employees safe.

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