Without regular maintenance, you never know how well your fire suppression system will react in the event of a fire. In fact, having a poorly maintained fire suppression system can be worse than not having one at all, as it may trick you into falsely believing you are protected.

What Is An Ansul Fire System?

Ansul is kind of a crazy word everyday people don’t really come across.  Basically, it’s a fire extinguisher.

How long does an Ansul fire system service take?

How Does An Ansul Fire System Work?

Well, if we’re thinking about it in terms of a fire extinguisher, it’s pretty simple to figure out. Ansul systems apply an agent that either displaces the oxygen in its surroundings or cools the fire.

Do I Need To Inspect My Ansul System?

Of course, you do!

A common problem surrounding fire inspection is not taking all the proper steps to protect you, your home, and your office.

Think about it…how many months have gone by without providing your smoke detector with a new battery? How many times have you seen a fire sprinkler system and thought, “It’s working fine.” When have you ever inspected a fire extinguisher? Probably never right?

This Is Why You Need An Aura Fire Safety Specialist

They’re experts in their field and know exactly what to look for when it comes to fire safety.

Your AFS Specialist will do the following during your service:

  • Test the Gas shut-off valve.
  • Replace fusible links on the detection line in your hood.
  • Check your system cylinder to make sure it’s up to date.
  • Test the control head box to make sure it activates properly.
  • Check the duck work for any holes and if the exhaust fans are working properly.
  • Clean nozzles and caps and make sure they are for the proper appliance and system.

How long does an Ansul fire system service take?

With an Aura Fire Safety (AFS) Specialist, we will work with you to keep up regular maintenance and testing for your Ansul system. Typically a semi-annual test will take roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of the hood and the number of appliances.  This is time well spent.

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