Is your fire system in compliance with code? Would your sprinklers be able to respond quickly in an emergency?


Avoid surprise fines from an improper fire sprinkler installation! We quickly and thoroughly design our fully code-compliant fire prevention systems.

We keep you on the right track for fire safety. Our design and knowledge of state and federal fire safety codes go unmatched. We are quick to respond and install for all our residential projects. We have a highly responsive and educated team. We make sure all plans and specifications are completed and sufficiently met every single time.

At Aura Fire Safety there no last-minute, back to the drawing board like setbacks. With over 20 years of experience in the industry working within San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. You could say we cut our fire sprinkler installation teeth in the right place!


A code-compliant and visually appealing fire system installation is our specialty. We know how to make residential homes fire-safe while maintaining the home’s aesthetic. We work closely with architects and design teams and are well-versed in meeting our client’s design objectives. We love finding the perfect fire sprinkler system installation that fits your home. Our trustworthy fire safety professionals can design a fire sprinkler installation that can fit any sized project.

We provide numerous types of concealed heads that fit your style and decor. We are proficient in value engineering and design.

Every residential job is customized.

We have over 20 years of experience has given us a commanding grasp of the fire safety industry — we can meet all of your residential needs. We are family-owned and operated and take pride in prioritizing a customized experience for all our residential clients. Our staff prioritizes taking the time to listen — and listen well — to your goals for every step taken.

No getting lost in paperwork or office delegation, we are experienced and proficient enough to give you personalized consultation and fire safety service. We started small and have maintained our Mom-and-Pop hands-on care.

We work closely with homeowners on their residential projects a customized experience you won’t get anywhere else.


Our process begins with researching your building and location to make sure that you are aware of every new and existing fire code. Our years of hands-on experience will guarantee you have state of the art, up-to-minute protection, and adherence to all permitting and construction regulations. We pride ourselves and get personal satisfaction from meeting each of our residential client’s needs.

A lot of consumers are caught off guard when needing to install sprinklers as part of their project.

Our process is transparent and straightforward:

  • Excellent design concepts
  • Clear-cut pricing
  • Fast and well-done installation process
  • Thorough final inspections
  • Full compliance with authorities having jurisdiction

Work with Aura Fire Safety for your fire sprinkler installation. A certified fire safety protection business is vital. We get the job done right. We make sure every step is transparent and straightforward from beginning to the end.

Compliance is tricky to both the construction and maintenance of your project. Our team of professionals ensures adequate protection and adherence. You don’t have to spend hours going through state and city laws and regulations. Call the experts, Aura Fire Safety.

We make the process clear and straightforward for you you’ll have a customized experience.


Many types of sprinkler heads are typically designed for specific environments. We have a team of fire safety professionals researching local and state ordinances and codes. We make sure to read over the NFPA bulletin adopted for all fire sprinkler protection.

Choosing the right sprinkler head, among other design decisions, can make or break your fire protection objectives. One important elemental aspect of fire protection is when a fire sprinkler automatically discharges water when it detects fire or a pre-determined temperature has exceeded. To meet this critical feature, did you know that there are various kinds of a fire sprinkler head?

We provide excellent customer service and round-the-clock peace of mind.

A sprinkler’s ability to extinguish or control fire has six main characteristics. The first being a unique service condition. You can choose a fire sprinkler head based on how your building’s environment matches. A second characteristic of extinguishing a fire is water distribution. And others may include installation orientation, orifice size, temperature rating, and thermal sensitivity. We understand the complexities of underground connections needed to supply a new fire line.

Aura Fire Safety provides testing certifications, repair, or installation of any of the following services: fire sprinklers, fire alarms, backflow preventers, fire pumps, and kitchen-hood fire suppression systems.


Our successes are many, from straightforward design jobs that are in full compliance and only need permits, to more complicated ones that require research, time, and patience. We guarantee satisfaction and years of trusted service.

Aura Fire Safety — Your Aura of Protection is Here.

Get Ready to be Amazed.

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