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Are you ready for v-day San Francisco with knowledge of top 5 Valentine’s Day fire hazards? Make sure you avoid the most common Valentine’s Day fire disasters by learning what not to do this February. Follow the following important tips to make sure that your romantic Valentine’s Day plans in San Francisco go off without a hitch:

1. Keep that romantic candlelight away from anything flammable.

Misplaced candles rank at the top of the most-forgotten Valentine’s Day fire hazards. While filling a room with candles definitely sets the mood for love, it’s easy to forget to keep all drapes, loose papers, confetti and other decorative items far away from the flames. Even if you place your candles well out of harm’s way, anyone like a pet or small child can easily knock them over at the worst possible moment to set something valuable on fire. Therefore, do not light your candles until the rest of the area is completely in order and all pets or children are far away. As this State Farm Insurance Company commercial about candles advises, “Be romantic, not frantic.

2. Don’t let those helium balloons fly outdoors!

It’s true; the lovable Mylar helium balloons that declare your affection are also Valentine’s Day fire hazards. The outer coating of these balloons actually conducts electricity. Therefore, when these balloons float up into electrical power lines outdoors, they explode. If you’ve collected a large bunch of balloons to surprise that special someone with, you could create an explosion and fire large enough to knock down a power line and create a power outage when that bunch of balloons flies up into the power lines. It’s exactly Valentine’s Day fire disasters like these that led to this commercial by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company near Oakland about Mylar helium balloons.

3. Handle wickless candles and scented wax warmers with extreme care.

Erotic smells are essential to help us relax and arouse passion, but use caution with wick-free candle substitutes like Scentsy. Instead of filling your environment with heart-warming aromas, they can explode and set everything on fire if you don’t carefully check the electrical connection and follow the instructions every time you use them. Here, careful observation is the real fire protection San Francisco residents will benefit most from. Watch any kind of device like this for at least 30 seconds to make sure that it’s working properly before walking away; otherwise, you could hear a fiery explosion like the woman in this video did.

4. Use cooking oil and lighter fluid sparingly in outdoor barbecue pits.

Thinking about preparing an outdoor barbecue, V-Day San Francisco style dinner under the stars? Watch out if you use the wrong kind of cooking oil or add too much lighter fluid to increase your flames. Excess oil from your food can drip down into the fire and quickly cause more than just your romantic dinner to burn if you’re not careful. The best fire protection San Francisco offers comes in the form of preventative measures; therefore, always stay alert and focus on how much cooking oil comes near your barbecue flames. Remember that with any kind of grilling, less oil is always better. Don’t let the humiliating barbecue accident in this video happen to you.

 5. Don’t skip the defrost step when frying your dinner!

Let’s say you’re running late in preparing your special Valentine’s Day San Francisco treat for two. It’s tempting to try and cut corners to save time by frying your frozen seafood, chicken or steak without defrosting it first, but don’t do it! Whenever you dump frozen food straight into a deep fryer or frying pan full of hot oil, the ice in that frozen food suddenly expands to create steam within a second. Then that steam forces the nearly boiling oil to shoot out of the frying pan to splatter nearly everything around it — especially your cooking flame. Any kind of heating element that you’re cooking with can ignite this heated oil and potentially set your entire kitchen on fire, and you can see in this video that this whole cooking disaster happens within seconds. Don’t let your most memorable Valentine’s Day San Francisco celebration include cleaning up a charred kitchen.

The fact is that fire accidents can always happen, so contact experts from the Aura Fire Safety San Francisco office to help you by inspecting fire-safety equipment annually, including fire extinguishers, kitchen hood fire-suppression systems, fire sprinkler inspections for San Francisco systems and more for your property or business. The Aura Fire Safety San Francisco business conducts the best fire sprinkler inspections San Francisco can offer, and we even check and repair electrical system damage that can also lead to unexpected fires as well.

To get you setup for Valentine’s Day, contact Aura Fire Safety for a free quote today!

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