fire sprinkler thermal linkage

Last week we received a call from Equinox Fitness Center; they were required to replace more than a dozen of corroded sprinklers throughout their facility in San Francisco and they needed it completed on a three-day turn around to meet the stipulations of their notification from the state of California.

The good news is that, once Aura Fire Safety was contracted, we promptly dispatched one of our crews, equipped with the highest quality non-corrosive sprinklers on hand, for immediate service, and by the next morning all repairs were complete and Equinox was up and running. (Work had to be performed during after hours to assure gym members would not be disturbed during regular hours.)

A similar service repair request was contracted by LAZ Parking Garage.  Their notice required them to replace 400 recalled sprinklers in one of their San Francisco locations.  Once again a tight timeline was a part of the scope of work from the start.

Fortunately, having decades of experience, Aura Fire Safety was able to dispatch multiple crews to tackle this project.  Equipped with the latest top grade new replacement sprinklers, we completed the work in less than three days and with zero interruption to the parking garage’s daily operations and revenue.

If you manage a property or a business and you received a corrective notification for your fire sprinklers – we can help. Aura Fire Safety proudly delivers a full-spectrum of corrective repair work to a wide range of businesses and properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

A list of common fire sprinkler corrections required in California:

  • Corroded, damaged sprinklers
  • Sprinklers recalled by the manufacturer
  • Pipe fractures and leaks
  • Cracked, faulty valves
  • Inadequate sprinkler coverage (must add more sprinklers)

Aura Fire Safety considers the needs of our customers and their businesses of the utmost importance.

If you have corrective work or repairs, our advise is don’t wait till the last minute. Let Aura Fire Safety help you resolve the issue promptly as an experienced contractor on your side.  Call us today for a quote  415-881-4402.

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