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technician performing 5 year fire sprinkler inspection


Oftentimes, emergency sprinkler systems are seen as smoke alarms. We see them planted on the wall and think, “They’re doing their job.” We never bother to question their reliability.  We assume everything about them is running at full speed. Sadly, this way of thinking has resulted in countless dollars’ worth of ... Read More


That is a popular question that we eventually get at Aura Fire Safety. You have already chosen to protect your office or building with a fire pump and fire sprinkler system, but ... Read More


If you’re a property manager or an owner of a high-rise building or a warehouse there is a good chance you may have a fire pump on your property. Fire pumps are commonly installed at these locations because they provide your fire sprinkler system and fire hoses with the water ... Read More


  The fire that happened in San Francisco this week is a scary reminder of what can happen to your property if you do not ... Read More


We at Aura Fire Safety, Inc (AFS). want to help you avoid the costly and dangerous damage to your Fire Sprinkler System. Sprinkler pipes are a lot like a car, if it’s not maintained it can result in expensive and unwanted repairs. At AFS, Inc. We recommend that all of ... Read More
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