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How to Ensure an Accurate Test Report After Annual Fire Alarm Inspection For Your San Francisco Hotel Hotel owners in San Francisco know the importance of the annual fire alarm inspection. Firstly, staff and visitors' ... Read More


Protect you’re your Bay Area home or business with fire sprinkler monitoring.Frequently Required Fire Sprinkler Corrections Include:Inadequate sprinkler coverage Corroded, damaged sprinklers Sprinklers recalled by the manufacturer Pipe fractures and leaks Cracked, faulty valvesAura Fire Safety Offers ... Read More


Fire Safety For Single Room Occupancy Buildings Fire hazards are pervasive in San Francisco SRO Hotels due to many factors, including old buildings, tenant behaviors, and a general lack of fire safety and prevention information. Since 1988 it has been estimated more than 1,500 residential SRO hotel units have been lost ... Read More


When the topic of fire prevention code and fire safety and comes up, rarely does anyone consider the use of signage; however, identification signs are a standard requisite for the installation of sprinkler systems is California. When fire sprinkler systems are installed, identification signs must be installed at ... Read More


Are you ready for v-day San Francisco with knowledge of top 5 Valentine’s Day fire hazards? Make sure you avoid the most common Valentine’s Day fire disasters by learning what not to do this February. Follow the following important tips to make sure that your romantic Valentine’s Day ... Read More

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