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Ask about our Special Packages for Commercial Projects

Whether you are a property owner, developer or a contractor, you can benefit from our special packages designed for commercial fire sprinkler projects.

With 22 years of experience and a proven track record when it comes to designing and installing a sprinkler system for commercial spaces in San Francisco, you can count on us to provide you with:

  • Extensive knowledge of national fire protection codes
  • Expert design concepts
  • Effective planning, efficient pricing
  • Seamless installation process
  • Final inspection and compliance with all legal requirements


You Need to Meet Insurance Requirements 

Aura Fire Safety also offers inspection programs that would meet your insurance needs. That is part of being the best commercial fire protection provider in San Francisco. Based on the national fire protection requirements we provide:


  • Inspection of Wet, Dry, Pre-action and Deluge systems
  • Testing, repair and maintenance of Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps
  • Testing of all Flow, Tamper and Pressure Switches
  • Repair of all systems


Re-design and Repair

If you are in the middle of remodeling or redesigning your office or building, we can help ensure you meet all Life Fire Safety Code requirements. With all buildings there is the potential of wear and tear on fire sprinkler systems. But with regularly scheduled inspection we can identify necessary repairs and correct them before more costly wears ensue.

We can also provide fire pumps, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and basically anything that you would need in order to comply with national and state life fire safety requirements.  Aura Fire Safety delivers the highest level of fire protection services in the San Francisco area.

Anticipate the future

Your project is unique and you are a top-priority client to us. Your calls are answered by a thoroughly trained, knowledgeable Aura Support Manager – not an automated robo-menu.

Call today to inquire about our special packages for commercial properties.

We provide a custom quote for each project and will be happy to assist you and your team.

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